Martin D-35 acoustic guitar review

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Beachbum ShipwreckSilver says:

What is the difference in  a strumming guitar and a picking guitar?

Gaige Evans says:

Hello sir! I absolutely love the d-35 but I cannot for the life of my find one just like yours. I like the yellow look and the white trim, the fretboard looks so sharp. If you could tell me what type of d-35 you have I would really appreciate it 🙂

wildwood valleyboy says:

…think you are wrong about the neck wood, it should be mahogany , and not rosewood !

Gerthebard says:

I play a 2001 D28, and i thoroughly agree with all you said, especially the Martin smell, its gorgeous. I’d like to try a D35, but I’ll never get rid of my D28.

Gitaryzt85 says:

Brian, I know exactly what you mean about Taylor’s. I’ve owned a few and typically love them for finger picking. But I just got a new 814ce and the redesign by Andy Powers is simply amazing.

Isaiah Collazo says:

Literally every worship leader at my church rocks a Taylor acoustic and Gibson Electric lol

Will Vallarino Music says:

Hi, Brian! In response to your question, “What is your favorite guitar?”, at this point in my life it happens to be my Martin D18. I had been playing them for about a year and came across one that sounded like an absolute gem. They all sounded good with the exception of one or two over the course of a year but this one was just amazing. I picked it up this past Friday. What I like about it is the woody/folky sound, the low oval neck with 1 3/4″ nut width is perfect for me. I can play it softly or really get down on it and there’s no fret buzz or farting as you called it. LOL. Flat picking is really great and finger picking is good as well. I love the vintage toner they use on the top and the mahogany on mine is gorgeous. The finish is pristine. I can’t say enough about it. When I was making my final purchase decision, I was deciding between the D18, HD28V, and the D35. All are equally amazing. I just decided to go with the D18 since I had been wanting one for so long. My next purchase will likely either be a D35 or an HD28V later this year or early next year. Thanks for all of the great worship tutorials. God bless, my brother!

Sewing for dolls says:

my fav is one i have had since i was 23..i bought it in 1992 for $92 in a pawn shop. it is a Lyon by Washburn.. i am going to have some minor work done to it but for me it is my only acoustic that i have and i love it. cuz my mom bought it for me..

Glenn Hudson says:

I have a 1984 Sigma Martin SDR-28. Solid Spruce Top, Laminated Rosewood back and sides. It sounds and plays incredibly well, made in Korea. Its amazing how close it sounds to the Martin D-28, it rings like a bell. I paid $350.00 for it, used, in 2004. It sounds better today than it did when I bought it, and its now 32 years old. These Sigmas are getting rare today.

EricBee says:

I have a 2011 D35 and like it lots. The sticky neck is an issue until I got used to it. But the sound is amazing. Love it. What I like even more is the DCPA1plus that I found used. Easier to play and has a balanced sound that’s rich. The F1 aura is over the top for producing various mic versions. So there are two of my favs.

Michael Mendillo says:

I missed the part where you played it,,,, 🙁

Whitehawkvisionfilms says:

Favorite Guitar??? Wow, I am an obvious Guitar Nerd and can talk about acoustics to a luthier and wear him/her out 😉 Right now in order of preference “today” and can change “tomorrow”: Gibson J-45 (several models but a good J-45 Standard is magical), Gibson Songwriter Deluxe STANDARD with cutaway and burst, Gibson SJ200 Western Classic Rosewood…….Martin HD-28, Martin HD-35, Martin D-18 Golden Era with burst… Taylor K24CE, Taylor 314CE, Taylor 814CE

Everett Clunie says:

My guitar of choice is an hd28v. The forward shifted scalloped bracing just melts my heart

boyet paulo says:

you strum too hard lol.. peace.. 

O2 Junkie says:

I have a D-35 also. 1990. I don’t like the back of the neck either. My thumb has worn through the finish in a couple place. I took to Martin and they refinished it for free, but it started doing it again, so I had to change the way I played it. Good sound and smell.

oink ooink says:

So you bought a million dollar guitar to thrash out campfire chords as hard as you can? And you think that’s great. You could have just bought a $150 yamaha to bash out your campfire crap. You don’t know what you’re talking about. NO OFFENSE.

Jacob Skelton says:

My favorite guitar? Well, if you miss the cut away, I will gladly trade you my Martin DCPA4 for your Martin D-35…

jurajfajnor1 says:

Sorry matey.I hate to say I’m not a big fan.
I can’t objectively judge what D35 sounds like from your video. ‘You talk more than walk’…
You mentioned the guitar sounds warm and it’s actually opposite from what I hear when you’re playing. Your playing is a bit harsh.
And the acoustic of the room are overwhelming. All this combined doesn’t reveal the true sound of the D35. I appreciate if you’re trying your best and I hope you’re not only counting in your subscribers….

Thomas Furlan says:

People are amazed at the sound of my Martin at open mic nights. I sat in Guitar Center for a couple hours, playing the Taylor an Martin and the Martin just sounded fuller and richer to my untrained ear. Great review.

Derek Tesoro says:

So after looking it up this guitar is $2,000. Is $2,000 dollars considered average or expensive overall??

donotgothere says:

smells like spam

nyclear says:

I have been looking at the HD-28 which sounded amazing….but when i listen online the lowden walnut cedar guitar sounds so sweet for individual notes and clarity……

CHIPfilmsTV says:

I play electric and never had an acoustic before so I went to buy one. I planned on buying an entry level Import solid top/Laminate body. I ended up spending more than expected on a Martin DX1AE and I like it but it’s really loud. I’m in a condo.

adam ferreira says:

Are those groover tunners? cause d35 basically have groovers


You made a great point about the cost. They don’t give Martin guitars away- and they are not cheap, especially the D’18, 28, 35, 41 or the “Cadillac” D’45. That said, 10,20, or 30 years later with proper care, your “investment” will continue to pay off- getting better and better as time goes on. Keep caring for them, and they become more valuable. My 1997 ’35 is a special friend. My wife /wallet were in shock for a while, but what a magical guitar! No regrets after a few months of paychecks to help recover…

Love that Johnny Cash D’35 sound! Great posting thank you!

Chris Talbot says:

Nice to see a worship leader that knows what good tone is! I’m half-kidding, but mostly not. I used to be a worship leader and would be now if my health was better. But I definitely prefer the sound of most Martins to that of most Taylors. Taylors are bright and jangly, and there’s a place for them, but for me I want to hear a fatter tone out of each string. And IMHO my Martins blow away every Taylor that I’ve ever heard.
I used to have a 70’s D-35, but traded it somewhere along the way. I have owned probably dozens of Martins as well as Collings, Santa Cruz, etc. I have played for a long time and played in bands and as a worship leader or guest artist.

 Now my main acoustics are a Martin D-28 Marquis (oodles of rich tone) and a D-18 Golden Era (oodles of rich tone). Of these two that I have I generally prefer the D-18 Golden Era. It’s older and is probably the best of that model I’ve tried. It’s very powerful and punchy. It sounds great for chords, lead, or even straight up classical guitar or even flamenco. They all seem to suit this guitar. The D-28 Marquis can do it all, too, but I think the 18 is a bit more comfortable doing it. Blues and rock are a given for these guitars, of course.

One thing I will say is that Taylors have nice electronic stuff, such as pickups and tuners, but I don’t want my guitar coming with them. The guitar will be good for a century but the electronic stuff is modern for about 6 weeks! So use a mike or get individual piezos put in under the bridge inside the guitar. Don’t modify the guitar beyond enlarging the end hole to accommodate the plug!

These guitars are finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. It is kinda sticky on the back of the neck if you sweat. When my finish started wearing off the back of the neck of the 18 I sanded it off completely, stained it, and now it feels like the natural mahogany it is and it feels great and looks better than it did originally!

If you, the reader of this comment, are in love with Taylors, I will just say that we like a different sound and leave it there. But they are very high quality guitars, no doubt, and Phil Keaggy makes one sound great on Cajon Pass here on YouTube!

ONE WAY says:

Is your guitar action pretty high?

Yam Ham says:

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The Cakeman says:

Does it even djent?

Whitehawkvisionfilms says:

I might add one last thing and that is that John Pearse Phosphor Bronze 12s or 13s are the most magical thing you can do to your guitar. They are just beautiful sounding strings! They have some unusual characteristics that you will love or hate… they do NOT last long and when they die they crash. Personally I love this. They sound magical and then one day they say change strings NOW! Other strings that die slowly make your guitars sound great and then gradually you guitar sounds mediocre and you don’t notice how mediocre it sounds for a long time. Jon Pearse always sound great or absolutely dead! Love it! Other good news is they are inexpensive compared to all the long lasting strings. Everytime I put them on its like getting a new guitar!

Steve Holcomb says:

I like martins

stan hankins says:

I am thinking about a new D 35. Are you still using yours ?

josh schneider says:

I like everything about the D35 except the nitrocellulose finish. I prefer polyurethane. Martins are more “Pure” sounding than Taylors. Agree about not taking guitars to guitar center for set up. I don’t know if i can wield a dreadnought body guitar because it feels uncomfortable to me, i had a Guild D25, and i sold it because my strumming arm always felt that it was kicked out to far. Good demo !

Michael Jenkinson says:

awesome man

Adam Wayton says:

What is the difference in the d35 and the d3r?

Alex Brillant says:

Nitro cellulose finish

Laura Ham says:

Thank you for this review. I have been looking at Taylor’s, and as with you my worship leader friends, all have a Taylor… Now I have a vintage brand guitar that sounds like a Taylor, and I feel like it’s too bright. I love the deep tones of this one. And you play very similarly to me. I have seen so many reviews where they play blue grass picking or other picking techniques, but just need them to strum a few chords with passion. When I first started leading worship, I first picked up a Martin and fell in love, that Was my goal guitar. Then I played my friends Taylor, and I was like this is nice. And people started to encourage me to go Taylor, but feel that my routes are in Martin, this is slightly more expensive then the Taylor’s I have been looking at. But this Martin sounds absolutely gorgeous and it’s exactly what I am looking for. Punchy chords, not fart chord.. I totally got that! Thanks again dude, your a star! Love the back on this too.

Whitehawkvisionfilms says:

Why a D-35 sounds like a D-35 😉 Is 2 reasons: minor reason is the 3 piece back… MAJOR reason is it is the first Dread they ever built with 1/4″ bracing instead of the thicker 5/16th” bracing used on the D-28. This 1/4″ bracing allows the top to vibrate more and gives the guitar more punch with lighter strumming. 1/4″ bracing at the time was only used on OOO (Triple O) bodies. Now most people think the D-35 and HD-35 are the same, but the HD-35 has more bling… Not So… HD-35 is a D-35 extreme in that it has the 1/4″ bracing and they went a step further and scalloped the braces increasing the top vibration even more! Which is cool in that the D-35 and HD-35 are both punchy flavors with genuinely differing characteristics. The stiffer and more heavily braced a top is the more you can and sometimes need to “dig in” to get a punchy tone… with these two the HD-35 is punchy with a lighter touch, but the heavier braced D-35 allows you to dig in a little more to get the same punch but is tonally different when you get there… neither is better, just different enough for the right person to really love 😉 The 3 piece back was created because of the lack of quality Brazillian Rosewood at the time, but the D-35 reason for existing was a new trend back then of Rock musicians starting to play Rock on acoustics and Martin wanted an acoustic for Rockers.

ONE WAY says:

Does your guitar buzz?

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