Martin Clapton & Mayer Guitar Review at Andertons

Peter from Martin recently came in to have a look at some of the premium Martin Guitars that we currently have in stock.

These guitars are stunning and feature signature models from Eric Clapton and John Mayer alongside Martins “Authentic” series that recreate classic guitars from yesteryear.

Martin 0042SC John Mayer Stage Coach Signature Acoustic

Martin Eric Clapton ‘Crossroads’ 00028EC

Martin OM18 1933 Authentic Series

Martin D28 1941 Authentic Series

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Terrance Hill says:

Unbelievable…those 1930 – 1945 model guitars sounded so sweet…just astonishing…

Reubenswagseaton says:

Hey this guy is good, you should keep him


Not a factory? A workshop? Yeah right. The combined processing power of all the CNCs at Martin rival that of a Google Data Center.

Kyle Joyce says:

Watching at 1am and had to turn it down when the dreadnought was being played! So loud and clean!

Nigel 1958 says:

Bought my first Martin last week , after fifty years of playing . Over priced , no worth every pound and penny , yes , sensational guitars

Worldwide Ghosts says:

Beautiful guitars :o)

Liquid bend says:

Very good video …. Just love to listen to the history of Martin guitars. There are no better guitars in the world than a Martin !!!!!

Tonight The World Dies says:

I like the sound of the John Mayer guitar more, sounds incredible

Carlo Gargano says:


Tong Zou says:

yes, girls only care if you play a MARTIN guitar you heard it here first folks…

simpebiff says:

The jam at 9:50 sounds awesome. And such beautiful guitars.

Matthew Scott says:

A good acoustic make I have are walden hand made in the usa great quality

Douchechills says:

Hey, you should hire that Martin demonstrator guy. He’s from Denmark so you should call him “Denmark Pete” or something like that.

Kevin Barton says:

Who destroys a lovingly made guitar?  An imbecile.  The world is maaad!!

Jared Nowlin says:

Are these guys supposed to be Martin experts? I think they should get their facts straight. The Martin Authentics as well as older Martins DO have truss rods. They are very rigid T Bar truss rods, but they are not adjustable.

Jezza boy says:

Bloomin shockin. A guy goes in to do a demonstration video, then the Captain kidnaps him and keeps him in a box under the stairs only lettin him out to play some smooth guitar.

Joel Crow says:

i own the dreadnought but would love to have that very om18; it’s one of the most beautifully balanced guitars I’ve ever played (weight, feel, and sound!!).

keseysvenisonchili says:

I finally got a D-18 last week. Blown away, absolutely the nicest acoustic instrument I’ve owned in my life. Thank you, Martin.

Alan Neale says:

Just a dream guitar oo42 sc

Uros Ogrizovic says:

Thank you for this review, it’s amazing!

Dom J says:

Poor sandwich man just trying to make a living and Capn wanna bomb his ass xD

ytube ram says:

Cocobolo doesn’t have the bass resonance of E. Indian Rosewood or Brz Rsw. You especially notice this between dreadnoughts. Madagascar is much better then Cocobolo as is E. Indian Rsw. Cocobolo has great midrange and treble with high velocity response like Brz Rsw but lacking somewhat on the bass end.

neverchk says:

One of the cameras had sunglasses on?

63karl says:

You may have an argument that Martin guitars are overrated….maybe. But it’d definitely true for Clapton and Mayer.

Michael Masin says:

The born of Danish Pete!

scottwillott1 says:

If I send you an explosive in the mail will I end up on the no fly list?

punkdolphin21 says:

Skip to the last 5 minutes to see and hear a blues tutorial that will put a smile on your face. Then start at the beginning.

Liquid bend says:

When you buy a Martin you buy the best guitar available on the market today. I true piece of art!!!!

Aphromew, Youtube's Most Uninformed Gaming Critic says:

lol, these guitars are each worth more than my car! ah, i wonder how much one must make to feel comfortable with this kind of purchase

T Forsberg says:

opening track name anyone? it’s quite a beauty.

David Pomella says:

can he really play these instruments….if one is going to demo a guitar hopefully one has the ability play

Lewis Sanders says:

Wrong people for those Guitars.

Grantburgh1 says:

Peter from Martin?!?! Haa is this his first vid here?

FENTON says:

Is that Peter guy from Martin by any chance Danish? His accent sounds like he’s Danish.

JudgeFredd says:

Beautiful guitars and playin’

Matthew Law says:

Pete is so awesome. Glad Andertons kept him!

Terrance Hill says:

Whatever you do, don’t drop one of those “rosewood gold mines”…..

Terrance Hill says:

The Martin 0042SC John Mayer “Stage Coach” Signature Acoustic is a replica of the guitars from the early part of the twentieth century which was used by blues musicians like Muddy Waters and Lead Belly, it was called a “Parlor Guitar” and to this day still is.

arpeemac says:

clapton uses a nylon/classical when playing tears in heaven. that 00028 sound fantastic though. damn!

andrewvanrhoberts says:

I love the John Mayer one. That’s my dream Guitar.

bigtom1001 says:

peter has a beautiful playing style,so very sweet☺☺

guitarist100 says:

At 7.23 the captain says he will smash one of those guitars over the sandwich man better not after the incident on the movie Hateful 8 ha ha

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