Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar Review & Demo

My review of the Martin 000-15M guitar from Martin’s D15 series. If you enjoyed this review, or found it helpful, please let me know! It’ll help me determine how to guide future episodes of this new show. Please feel free to leave any questions in comments, as always.


Simon S. says:

Good review young man

jararaca 1984 says:

They don’t put the strap button on because of the risk of cracking the wood.

plasticspine says:

Great review you have a tom hanks vibe tv should give you a job you are very like able
Thanks for singing and playing all the other reviews of this guitar fall short with that
I don’t know a lot about guitars but I red the body size on this guitar is called 000 or OM or auditorium!!

Doug Stark says:

Great review!!

I just bought this guitar.. Thanks so much for the analysis about the action. I just had a DRS1 adjusted to lower the action, and it makes a huge difference. I anticipate doing what you did as i am mainly a strummer but also think this guitar will enable me to learn more finger style techniques.

Marc Drieu says:

Good review, young man, and nice songs!

Robert Storment says:

Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original, homemade songs, He Wasn’t Just A Dog, Go’n Downtown and Evergreen (We Remain).  If you like these songs, please ask a friend to take a listen.  Thank you for listening and thanks for your video.

ThEiLLtechNICIAN says:

john frusciante plays a 1930s 0-15m, wich is smaller and he strums it fairly HARD.
it sounds perfect. I feel like hog tops are more forgiving when strummed hard and will still sound nice.

Edcarlos Rodrigues de Souza says:

I’m planning to buy this guitar, and I’ve played many times. In different stores to make that it’s the right guitar for me. In some of them I thought the guitar a little bit hard to play, I mean the strings seemed tense. what do you suggest me to do? And I didn’t understand really well about setting up the guitar..if I raise the action of this guitar It sounds like the guitar will be even harder to play
Thank you

Selin A says:

Great review. Really enjoyed. Can you do a review on a Martin OM 21?

Luc Verhoeven says:

EUR 1750,- here …… 🙁

Joe Junior says:

very good thanks

Flurin José says:

you’re good:-)! thanks for mentioning things like the styles that are actually usual for guitars like this, that’s really helpfull!!

rich roehl says:

Was wondering about your’ ‘humidity’ comments in relation to the ‘weather’ in my house in the winter: about 50°F (read Cold) and high humidity.  Love this guitar, hope I can get my daughter to transport one here to the south of France from Boston (they cost the equivalent of $2000 here in France).  see you, thanks.

silver_ surfer14 says:

That was a good review.

padmarley says:

I just bought one. Would you recon a K&K trinity pro systems, LR Baggs anthem or Fishman Infinity for this? Help! 🙂

tommyd688 says:

I gotta say, for a young fella you did a heck of a good review…   Well really it’s a good review period..    Fine job..   Liked you showing all the various playing styles . Shows what the Martin can do.. 

HerlonRodhs says:

Very Good! 

anitazuck says:

thanks, Brett..wonderfully thorough and clear even for someone who knows virtually nothing about the technicalities of guitar structure and performance.  good job!

Leif Linder says:

good review. didnt know that about action height.

John Peter Campos says:

Very nice review! Do you plan to install a pickup or mic in it? If so, which one?

TheCerealKing1 says:

Very nice review I just got my first Martin last month and I love it it’s a dreadnought but I still like looking up reviews on other guitars and I enjoyed this review! : ) oh and I laughed when u smelled the sound hole of your guitar because I do that too! Martin guitars smell so good

Vince D says:

Great video man. Don’t know what’s going on with the negative feedback lol. Very informative and straightforward. Might get one of these thanks to u!

bcc1955 says:

Best OOO-15M review. Young great guitarist telling it like it is!! With I expect no endorsement money coloring his opinion. Refreshing!!!

James Derse says:

Dude this is an awesome review. You’re very informed and talk very informatively. Well done.

Jorge Zárate says:

Thank you very much for this review. What can you tell me about this guitar’s tuning? 

babs4TLove says:

Thanks so much, Brett! I’ve been wanting to make this my next Martin and your review was very helpful! Great job and much appreciated! All the best! <3 Babs

Claire Schabacker says:

The best thing about this video is that I came here on a journey that started out with “Fare Thee Well” and low and behold he starts playing it.

tpmbe says:

Great review , the best I have seen . Many Thanks

Rachel Woodruff says:

so, why cant you put lighter strings on the guitar after the action is raised?

Dan Bellchambers says:

You sir have gained a new subscriber.

Scott Langdon says:

Really great review, man. Very well done.

Jeff Stevenson says:

Hi Brett….Thanks for a great review, very informative and comprehensive.

Jacob Lawlis says:

what song did you begin playing at 8:30?

dreamofshrooms says:

I see you prefer strumming to fingerpicking with that aggressive and rapid dynamic change Dylan style, why didn’t you just buy the dreadnaught then and save the trouble of raising the action? Great review btw

Thibaud François says:

Great review, don’t mind the 76 ignorants, you helped me made my buying decision and know more about guitars and that’s the point. Thank you.

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