LR Baggs Anthem review – My favorite acoustic guitar pickup

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The LR Baggs Anthem is my favorite acoustic guitar pickup. In this video I talk about my experience with pickups, and why I love the Anthem. I also do some A/B recordings of two different Anthem-equipped guitars using both a mic and the Anthem direct.

In all sound samples, I added a bit of EQ and compression in post – much like I would do when tracking guitars on a project or what a sound person would do in a live environment.

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Matthew Muniz says:

Thank you so much for doing this review/comparison! I’ve been researching for a while in regards to which pickup I should put in my Martin 00L-17. (which is very similar to the CEO-7) This absolutely made up my mind, except I’m going to go with the Anthem SL instead as I don’t need the blend control. The 00 sounds near identical through the Anthem vs the Mic.

Beautiful guitars by the way!

Jason Swanson says:

Sounds wonderful. As a big K&K user, I find myself impressed by what L.R. is doing, and often recommend their stuff.

kowasumono says:

I’m wondering if you considered trying the lr baggs tru mic? Ricky Skaggs really likes that setup. Granted I’ve read that it can be too feedback prone in some guitars. So it’s more of a plug-in-and-pray situation.

Blayne Spires says:

Great sounding guitars! I just upgraded from an Ibanez to a new Taylor and when you said in that comment that it will pick up Anything I can attest to that! My Taylor will pick up my voice if I talk into the sound hole while plugged in! Great video!

Manuel says:

I put the anthem pick up on my guitar thanks to you!!

2speedy4u22 says:

Thanks for the indepth review. If you only use the mic part of the anthem is there a reason you just didn’t go for the lyric instead?

dewcodered88 says:

I play 95% plugged in so I bought an Ovation. Love my Ovation and can recommend it to anyone who knows you will play plugged in a lot

Frank Huizar says:

Okay great demonstration. I am a worship leader too and I couldn’t agree with you more concerning the frustration of having really great sounding guitars with substandard pick up systems. I’ve tried a lot of them and I’m finally at the point to where I am going to sell one of my guitars just to get this pick up and have it professionally installed. Great job on explaining the nuances of this pickup system, thank you so much.

Rodrigo Ferreira Músico says:

Does this pickup look good for nylon guitar as well?

Justin Hodges says:

Thanks for the review! I’m curious if you have tried the K&K Trinity Pro system? I’m assuming that’s what you were referring to at 2:10. If so, what were your thoughts on it in comparison to the Anthem? It seems guys like Brian Johnson from Bethel have a similar setup with the gooseneck microphone inside.
My only setback on the Trinity is the TRS cable that has to come out of the jack.

Luciano Ferreira - Official says:

Awesome Pickup

Reini Adelbert says:

Well done for such a well reasoned and presented review. You should do more! PS I have had numerous guitars all with the Anthem and now still play some 6 of them all to great effect. For me the main issue has been attenuating the mic by means of the tiny screw (a bit fiddly)

Tony Yang says:

Did you install the system yourself? I’m reading a lot of buzzing issues from the anthem units. I’m thinking about getting one myself but am not sure.

devonbiker says:

Very helpful video, thank you.

Robert Keele says:

Installing this pickup system was the easiest thing Ive ever done. Everything is plug & play. My Taylor has never sounded better; Even string volume, rich low end (which I was lacking), find that sweet spot in the blend and it sounds amazing. I made my own tail piece and it works perfectly.

ONE WAY says:

You can even hear the buzzing

denis shiju says:

hey , a very nice channel may god bless u because a very few people do this and I hope I can study from your tutorials ,but the thing is I joined a guitar class a few yrs back but I dropped out because they insisted that if u have no guitar u can’t do anything and I didn’t buy a guitar due to some financial problems . I love your channel and keep on doing the great work

Lisa Robson says:

do you use the LR Baggs di?

Icaro Moreira says:

i have a Lr baggs Anthem SL on my epiphone masterbilt and sounds amazing. i want to but the “full” anthem, but it is too expensive for a brazilian haha

Fishinggiant says:

Good info great review Brian! Love your stuff. Sounded like some feedback or distortion on the D35 at certain points? Liked the sound on the ought better. Surprised me cuz i like boomy guitars.

rmzzz76 says:

Excellent A-B comparisons. Great quality, great presentation. Thank you! I continue to believe the LR Baggs Anthem is the absolute best pickup solution on the market today. Certainly not for the those on a tight budget, but as usual quality comes at a price.

Barry Carroll says:

Hey thanks for the excellent example. I had the Anthem SL installed on my HD28VTS and can’t seem to get a good sound but your full Anthem sounds great. I’m trying to find out if the full will make that much difference or if i should keep working on eq

Michael Testerman says:

Interesting comparison. On the dreadnaught, I liked the reproduction provided by the Anthem system better than that provided by the mic. But, I felt exactly the opposite about the reproduction of the sound of the 00.

Sam Rommer says:

Great review, thanks! Have you tried Cole Clark guitars? Their pickup/mic combos are the only ones I’ve heard which rival the anthem.

Scott Perry says:

great review on of my favorite YouTube channel

AmalgamationMusic says:

Excellent review. Thanks so much for posting!

Christopher Oviedo says:

I just opened my new worship channel so if anyone wants to subscribe it would be a huge blessing!!!

Philip Rode says:

Great video. Thx for sharing

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