Klos Guitar Unboxing & Review 2018 🎸 Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic Guitar

Klos Guitar Unboxing & Review 2018 🎸 Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic Guitar

In this video I complete a review and unboxing of the Klos Carbon Fiber Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar. After the unboxing I’ll run through my impressions and thoughts regarding the guitar, how it’s built, what it features and how it performs as a travel guitar. I’ll also demonstrate how the Klos guitar sounds by playing a handful of popular acoustic tunes both unplugged and plugged into a standard PA system to show how the inbuilt Fishman pickup sounds. Check out the timestamps below to skip to different parts of the video.

0:10 Introduction to the Klos Guitar
0:36 Unboxing the Klos Acoustic Electric Guitar Package
2:15 Building the Klos Guitar – Attaching The Neck
3:44 Review Of The Klos Carbon FiberTravel Guitar
7:15 Unplugged demo of the Klos guitar tone/sound
9:16 Plugged in demo using a PA of the Klos guitar tone/sound
10:57 Conclusion & final thoughts

Hope you’ve enjoyed this #klosguitar unboxing and review.
In summary, I’m really impressed with this carbon fiber Klos travel guitar. Although it won’t replace the sound and tonality of a full size wooden guitar, it functions as the perfect durable travel companion for which it was designed.

Please note – I am not getting paid or have an endorsement with this Klos review. This review is my own and the opinions are real.

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Dương lê says:

thank you for all your lessons. please do a tutorial ” in my blood”-shawn mendes. thank youuuuu

Kaushik Kalita says:


m scully says:

Interesting review. I have one and have to say I’m not as impressed with it as you are. In my opinion, it sounds very tinny and is neck heavy, which I struggle to get used to. It is also worth noting that though you can unscrew the neck, it is not something they recommend doing too often as the screw holes will wear. On the plus side, the body is definitely durable, and it looks great.

Mateusz Kowalski says:

8:58 TUTORIAL PLEASE BROTHER!!! guys i know u want let her go tutorial by dave too 😀

abiral Mdr says:

I would love to see you do George Ezra song tutorials

Julius Alcantara says:

I want this <3 <3

rogelio macatlang says:

Can you do a tutorial about canon in D please btw awesome guitar

Mariahjose Calix says:

The Say Something tutorial – Justin Timberlake would be great. Congratulations, you are amazing!

Olivia J. says:

Your review videos are really good in quality, just like all your tutorials! Thank you for your channel 😀

jerold jinnu says:

Song at 8:31.. what’s the name of that song??

Himanshu Pandey says:

Please Start a series of Guitar theory lessons for intermediate and Beginners.

Kathrin Radovel says:

Please do a tutorial to passenger, it was beautiful!!

Jasmin's Channel says:

This thing looks really fancy

Jula Chmielewska says:

Beautiful guitar! Songs will sound great!

Marty c says:

Great review Dave, you should add Black Bird to the finger style course of GZ2H. That is a nice guitar to take on a trip!

Dk 155 says:

Hi dave..I love your videos so much it really help me in playing guitar..May i pls. Request if you could do a tutorial for the song “Rewrite the Stars” from the Greatest Showman movie..Thanks..

Ian Creed BR says:

please teach Gone Gone Gone by Philips Philip

JB Ombing says:

Just for anyone wondering the tone and volume settings for the fisherman pickup is inside the soundhole, making it better for traveling since it doesn’t mess with your settings when you put it in a case or gig bag

trikZ Ji says:

wow ! that thing sounds really nice and smooth. iwant it

Aiden says:

8:31 is Blackbird by The Beatles. Thank me later

Scarlet Frost says:

Amazing guitar!

Rm Bustos says:

Can you teach how long will i love you

周骋劼 says:

Nice guitar! Must cause you a lot… BTW can you do the passenger tutorial? Thx very much

Izl Ruth Abbott says:

Can you please do a tutorial on drunk by ed sheeran?

Jasmin's Channel says:

Can you make a tutorial for “sing” by Ed It would be nice

Jorge Tyron says:

Why can’t you take your normal guitar? Why a travel guitar? And what type of guitar do you need to travel with

Rahul Tayade says:

Informative glad I’ve this channel in my list 🙂

Josue Mil hernandez says:


Ralph Cabiling says:

Hey dave, what kind of song requests do you take, Id really like to suggest a kind of out there one

Aayush Shrivastava says:

Please do a tutorial on Follow Your Fire by Kodaline

Maria Laguarda says:

Beautiful guitar

Lane 13 says:

What a nice guitar but it is just way too expensive! I’m hoping you could do the tutorial Hungover by Christopher ❤️❤️love u thx!

Maxime GR says:

Hey Dave, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for Savior by Rise Against. That would be super useful!

Mattias Krantz says:

Looks cool! Must be nice to never worry about humidity, winters in Sweden are real guitar killers

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