iRig Acoustic – review

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Chez Rafael says:

Yo tengo una guitarra clásica , es que con este micro i rig acostic estará bien? Porque las cuerdas de mi guitarra sin de nilon

Ginger Lefty Gear Reviews says:

Nice review. I have a review video up too and an Amplitube setup video. It’s good that there are a few reviews cos most of the other videos are IK videos and obviously sound perfect. This way the consumer can really know what they’re getting. I was bummed out too by having to buy the full version.

sevyn7up says:

can you connect it to an amp without using ipad?

After GR says:

Can I use this with android?

Shin Lim says:

Must be used with amplitude app? What about GarageBand?

Manuel Alejandro Carrejo Arias says:

Is it necessary to have the Irig Acoustic to use the AmpliTube acustic?
in other words, I can have my electro-acoustic and acoustic connect to AmpliTube without any problems?

jaw444 says:

thanks for review, i was especially interested in how the 12 string modeler sounds, but i couldn’t tell from the video, i mean, i didn’t hear a 12 string sound when you mentioned the option. How does the 12 string simulate? how does it sound?
on amazon several reviewers said that at louder volumes it distorts. Did you find that?

Mack .Doggs says:

Too much talking, not enough playing for a demo. It sounds ok when you play gently, but why are you not pushing it to it’s limits? How does it hold up to heavy strumming? You know the way people actually play guitar… When does the signal start breaking up? When does it over modulate? Does it come flying off if your hand hits it during a show? How does it sound when you tap it? How sturdy is that tiny little 1/8″ cord? Is it hard wired to the mic? This is what actual musicians are interested in demos for….

TheJbaldini says:

hello works on sonar operating system windows

aledalgogu says:

how you send to Mac???

timtim 1 says:

that’s pretty cool

CP iCe says:

can use to iphone 5?

KingsCon Life says:

Where is Korean sub??

James Alec says:

thanks for the demo. but please cut those loose strings, one only needs to hit you in the eye once and you’ll regret it. Seen it happen.

gabguitar says:

can i record myself playing guitar on my phone using this?

adsertheblade says:

Hi. Thanks for the great review. I understand it has a headphone jack input for monitoring. Probably a stupid question, but if its not connected to the ipad, there won’t be any sound in the headphones?
I’m thinking to use it to monitor myself, but trying to keep the equipment to a minimum. I know the pro will do that, but it’s a lot bigger, and needs batteries.

Ginger Lefty Gear Reviews says:

4 comments and not one reply from you. How do you have so many subscribers. A mystery

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