How to choose an Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Showcase’s Gary Wineroth and Jack van Breen let us hear and see the differences between the various types of acoustic Guitars and dispel some old myths about what’s best for beginners.

Season 1 – Episode 31


Serge Ceyral says:

“Collectible guitars don’t exist outside the US!” Ah, Ah… Drop your ten gallon hat dude, it makes your brain start boiling. Such a narrow minded statement even not deserves an ironic comment. Never heard about, Lowden, Furch, Maton, Queguiner, Cheval (and many more) ?..

Billy Blaze says:

the guy with the hat is full of shit!!!
“there’s no guitar made in another country that is collectible” dude wake up

ValueOfNothing says:

The real answer is that it is simply impossible to buy an acoustic guitar, and you are insane to try it. There are too many types and prices. And then you can’t really tell how a guitar sounds unless the strings are new. And then you don’t know if the buzzing is due to serious issues or not. Not to mention the sound is so subjective. And your options are so limited by the tastes of the general public, who are now buying cheap, crappy guitars with cut aways.

Stewart Degner says:

Nice job guys

Anthony Todd says:

How do you test an acoustic guitar for proper bridge placement and angle when you physically cannot adjust or move it? If you have several guitars you are looking at, how do you tell if the bridge and saddle are correct??? Thank you.

James Morrison says:

You should have had someone tune the guitars first. Informative video though.

Music Lover says:

What is the model of the Taylor guitar that has the three piece back? It sounds amazing.

John Wilkinson says:

How not to look like an idiot when you make a video about guitars: *Don’t use a chair with armrests or you’ll be hitting the bottom of a $4.000 guitar with your stupid and dumb fucking chair, not to mention how uncomfortable you’ll be while you play*

Yoshi Obermeyer says:

the guitar was invented by a lefthander? wtf? do some research…nylon string only for classical music? cheesh…and what Les Gourlay stated…do not listen to these two fellas, no point in this

Marion Reid says:

I find dreadnought guitars to be very difficult to play… my breasts put the guitar too far from my body… feel like my arms need to be longer.

James West says:

Still love my Martin D-28 best.

cheryl lakin says:

Why don’t they give any price ranges ?? They just say”very inexpensive” ??

mitch rawles says:


T Honyock says:

Wow! Blew me away with the difference between a solid top, and a laminate top!

john crawford says:

Great enthusiastic guys,the guys know exactly what’s best for all interested in being a guitar player,just listening to both chaps tells me they want to help so much, well done fella’s.

david lucas says:

Be great if you tuned up first

duffermod1 says:

You all forgot to mention Yamaha.

Forrest Billman says:

I’m a simple man. A simple looking Martin with a drop dead gorgeous sound, is always better than a drop dead gorgeous looking Gibson with a tinny sound.

cheryl lakin says:

okay, now they’re starting to mention some price ranges – about 16 minutes in ??

Trooper Bias says:

Guitar Showcase= Learned more in this short time than I thought possible from a posting. One day we were dispatched to a guy thumbing on the interstate. The man carried a martin guitar & when I took him to a safe place, [didn’t arrest him], I asked how good r u on the guitar?  He was good. I’ve loved a Martin ever since. However I’ purchased a Gibson acoustic and it sounds great but seems to have a wider neck than a martin.? Know a Martin is pricey but that’s my next guitar. Anyway you and this posting are a good source of information and in my opinion some of the good guys left out there . with respect.. Stay safe

Tim Kies says:

I am a sax player by trade, but fell into guitar when I was playing in a rock band. But this is just fantastic teaching me how to look for a guitar, since I have no guitar right now. Thanks guys, for such a helpful video.

Ash_Ling Medivac says:

wish I could own a Gibson or a martin

Old Martin says:

Looking to buy a Martin 00-18 for my rocking chair days… Anybody?

Kevin Shaughnessy says:

Yeah’ I have an Epiphone with 5 pin holes in the nut, somebody put the pick guard on backwards the machine heads are stripped and the plywood is getting thin. I’m asking $1500.00 but I’ll let you have it for $1499.99 call me

Genuine Comments says:

What was the answer again. Mumble mumble 2 manufacturers named and more mumbling. You are shite

Genuine Comments says:

What a load of crap Spain makes more collectible and expensive guitars

Iro Steinsberger says:

jaap.. or what else

Nick Jonze says:

At 20:07 just knock the price down with that j200

gtrmusic69 says:

“…guitar was invented by a left handed person…”??????? Really?
So it’s not an offshoot of a renaissance lute (8 course, 14 course, 21 course etc), theorbo, baroque guitar, 19th century guitar, Torres guitar???
Are you ultimately saying the lute was “invented” by a left handed person.
What a crock.
How about the fact that a right handed person has more tone control and interpretation of a multi-voiced piece such as a Bach fugue for example is much better done with the dominant hand because of the required finesse.


I agree Ed Lake, I’ve been playing a Yahmaha 12 string since 1981…still the best sound I know of…for a 12-String

quarter_moon and_a_guitar says:

Are you really discussing Ovations here??

William Zabarauskas says:

That was awesome guys !! Loved it !!

Jack Shaw says:

Excellent Video..

Zoltarman says:

This is the first time I hear somebody speaking the truth about “nylon” guitars. If I had youtube back in the 70´s I probably will have a diffent profession today.

Gulf Breeze says:

I like Stevie Ray Vaughan choice of guitar that opted for on most occasions for instance “Life by the drop” and ” PridenJoy” acoustic versions~ Guild 12 string

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