Guild OM-120 ★ Guitar Review

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Guild OM-120 ★ Guitar Review


mlugin says:

This sounds nice! I have two original westerley built guitars from around ’95 a A 50 NT and a DV 73 i love them and everytime i play them im surprised by how better they sound than my other guitars

rsaathoff says:

what is the nut width and bridge spacing?

mollers92 says:

Can I just say how brilliant the restraint you show on these reviews is? So many reviews they showcase guitars differently each time and just the fact you play the same diverse mix of examples on the different guitars makes it so much easier to really compare them. Cheers.

Heng Junwen says:

Triple H can do great fingerstyle.

JudeJaded15 says:

it’s a solid player. sounds good.

RogerTheSmith says:

Thanks! I just like your approach to the viewer, adding your personal thoughts where you feel right about it. when it comes to the playing it’s great to have a spread of differing forms and so useful to have the same spread on the various instruments chosen. Appreciated!

ebguitars says:

Thanks for the video, I love mahogany guitars.

ShadowCadet4life says:

I am wanting to buy a new guitar. My old one is damaged beyond repair. I’ve been playing guitar for 4 years. What guitar should I get? Thank you for doing this video.

Bob Hochstadt says:

I bought a Guild D-44M in 1974……..maple sides and back (now golden in color), mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, etc., etc., etc.  While I have owned/played lots of guitars, none has matched my Guild in tonal quality and crispness.  It’s a shame Guild has outsourced its production.

Joe Maysky says:

Thanks for the review Tony! They make a lefty version of this & it sounds really versatile for my style, and I use open tunings occasionally too.


I love your videos , congratulations for the channel tony !!!!

Jr Bondy says:

I have this instrument but in the 12 string, it’s a very full, mellow sounding, guitar. I purchased it on a whim & was really surprised when I realized a couple weeks after it’s a product of China. Reading all the propaganda & watching the sales videos on these one would assume they where still made in the states. I feel they’d be more accepted if they just made it perfectly clear it’s a Chinese made product instead of trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Having known this beforehand I’m not sure I’d have purchased it so it makes sense why they don’t talk much about where it’s made. For the money, which should be the giveaway, it’s a very good deal though. It don’t compare to the older Guild’s from years ago but pretty close if you get a good one, like any guitar i guess. Just make it perfectly clear it’s an import!

Jesse Watson says:

It’s a shame Guild’s main business is now Chinese-made import. Please review the new, USA-made Guild D-20!!

andrea impagnatiello says:

hai rotto i coglioni con la tua pubblicita’

Elle scooter says:

great sounding guitar. love the mahogany guitars.

Saulo Mateus says:

wich microfone are you using?

Roy Lay says:

Tony, what do you think about the convex backs on a lot of Guilds, like the D-25, d-140, D-150, etc?

Alexander R Starreveld says:

after growing disillusioned with big corp brands like martin ect i’m gonna pick up myself one of these…. and i reckon i’ma be super happy with it.

Vic Soboleski says:

What was the strumming song at 4:26 range , the last musical piece before the chord break.?

Fabian Mayse says:

Sounds great. However resonance is slightly compressed. But then again my ears aren’t what they use be. Good review!

kimbiwa says:

Same player, same songs same equipment, different guitars= the only way to do a great review. Glad you are doing this on your own, Tony. Thanks!


Nice demo. It sounds fine but I am not a fan of the 3 piece necks on these (and other imports). The heel piece and, in this case, the headstock piece are very obvious and cheapen the look of the guitar a lot.

Huy Nguyễn says:

What is the microphone you are using?

Edson Guedes says:

you made this video about Guild Guitar, using a Taylor guitar t-shirt!

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