Guild M20 ★ Guitar Review (NAILED it!)

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Guild M20 ★ Guitar Review (NAILED it!)


Facu Pirrotta says:

Very nice guitar! Looks like Martin 000-15M.

dengie75 says:

people think nick drake played a guild because of his heavy bottom end, he was renowned for playing dead strings, hence it could have been many auditorium guitars. lets put it down to a good guitar with 70s studio tools, the height of analogue ( meaning more natural than anything ) recording.

Elliott Azim says:

Low ends are focused, has the perfect amount of sustain (imo) and looks good. Beautiful sound.

Can anybody tell me where I can find a similar looking/sounding guitar for <$1500?? Would love to get this guy but it’s a little out of my range. Thanks!

911aDay says:

Trying again Hi Tony – I recently picked up this M-20 in sunburst, what a great guitar!!!
Can you tell me what mic you are using to record, it really captures the tone quite well -)

Ann Wagner says:

I have a m20 made in 1953 the year guild started

Donal Callum says:

Sounds waaaaaaaaaaay better than either Martin 00-17 or 000-17 Black Smoke or Whiskey Smoke

brendon leary says:

I am curious if this is a better guitar than the Martin 00-15, or 000-15 which as far as I can tell is the same size.
I am thinking of purchasing the Martin 00-15E Retro, but would also buy this without much persuasion.

Bob Amato says:

Wow, some of these comments are WAY beyond stupid. Does it really matter that Nick Drake played a Guild? All I can say is if you want to NOW capture his tone on many recordings the Guild M-120 is one of the best ways to go for little money.

markvguitars says:

Ordered a couple of new M20’s…both sucked. Then tried the used route…that one really sucked. Does Guild make anything good? These vids on Youtube are just not accurately represented what I’ve personally experienced first hand.

Yoni Udkoff says:

Does anyone currently have this guitar and truly suggest for an all around guitar? I can get a great deal on one and im on the fence. Or would you say that it really only excels in finger picking or specific applications. I know its bassy but it seems to project well too. TIA

My Chess says:

the most close sound for achieving Nick Drake sound would be the Martin 000-28 (ADIRONDACK SPRUCE TOP) , and another fact no one talks about the strings he used , which is the most interesting , the sound strings are similar half nylon and half acoustic strings , i wouldnt be surprised if he used to put nylon strings in the low strings and acoustic strings in the high strings , so it would be half nylon half acoustic on a Mahogany body with Adirondack top

Bak-ta-Bak Country, Rock & Oldies Band says:

Reading comments regarding “comparisons” to other guitars/brands. Best to try ( if possible) the guitars (Brands) you’re interested in. Martins , Guilds , Gibsons, Fenders, Taylors, etc. They all have their own voice ……. can sound, and feel different within “the brand” / size / model also.
I recently tried 2 Taylor GS Mini’s , both Koa… hit me…..the other didn’t. Same with Guild. Tried 2 USA Guild M-20….one hit me…..the other didn’t . Go with the one that “speaks to you”. …. 🙂 Thanks Tony for reviewing all these guitars. It’s a big help !

Lé Polisher says:

stop talking about it and play got to 3 minutes and skip the hype hat guitar is too small for you

J.J. Grob says:

Yeah so I see other ppl commented on that too … but the gtr on the cover of Bryter Later was the photographer’s and not Nick Drake’s. No matter though. Beautiful guitar.

SDL04 Production says:

Fabulous guitar! You can hear it on M.Dewis’ superb album:

King Harold says:

I saw Gabrielle give a talk about Nick a couple of years ago and they had the guitar he played on Bryter and it was a Martin – insured for a million quid. Daisy Vaughn played it and sang one of his songs in Spanish and it made me cry.

Herman Melville says:

That’s a little monster.

Liam Sweeney says:

Beautiful guitar but Nick Drake never played a Guild M-20. The guitar in the photo on Bryter Layter belonged to the photographer.

Don toth says:

I picked up a fender Tim Armstrong hellcat for $65 and it feels/ sounds identical to this for $1,445 less.

Stuart Anthony says:

I have played the ACTUAL Guild M20 guitar featured on the cover of Bryter Layter. Nick did not use a Guild M20 to record the albums. He used a few guitars in his lifetime and one possibility is that he used the hog Martin 00-15 at some point. Anyway the real story of the Bryter Layter Guild M20 with footage of me playing it can be found right here

dengie75 says:

ps sounds like my chinese guild i bought 10 years ago, really

Inge Justa van der Helm says:

Neil Young plays it too >>

OGoldin says:

Richard Thompson, who was there, says that Nick played a Guild M-20 on Bryter Layter

BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band says:

Love this guitar ! 🙂

Alex R Starreveld says:

that thing sounds amazing

phạm đăng hưng says:

How is it compared to Martin 00015M?

LStaffo says:

What guitar are you holding in your lap at the end when you give your advertisement (around 5:15) ???

Ohm Song says:

could you compare a guild m240e please?

Louis Collings says:

really a unique sounding instrument. i would like to own one, but if i only had to own one guitar, i would never choose this one.

Dallon Ghan says:

I would love if he started giving us all specs such as string spacing at the bridge. also bracing patterns, scalloped, etc

David Fisher says:

I think the M20 was first made in 59 in Hoboken actually.

Zbird Music says:

How do you compare the Chinese made guild m20 to the American made ones?

Liam Sweeney says:

Nick Drake didn’t use a Guild M-20. The guitar in the album cover belonged to somebody else and he was just borrowing it for the photoshoot. I can’t believe Guild have just gone along with the myth when they will definitely know that it isn’t true. It just takes a bit of research to find out.

Tony Manns says:

I started playing guitar in 1959 and my first guitar was a Guild M20. If I can’t find or afford a vintage ’50’s M20 this new USA made M20 is on my shopping list.

anthony silva says:

A lovely melancholy tone. Thank you for these videos.

im annonymous says:

is it american?

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