Guild F-30, D-55 & F-512 acoustic guitar review demo

Latest versions of classic Guild acoustics demo’d
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Guild is undoubtedly the ‘other’ classic American acoustic brand. Sat on proud foundations that date back to New York in 1952, it nonetheless had a somewhat rockier ride through the latter 20th and early 21st centuries than either of its principal rivals Martin and Gibson. During this period Guild has had to undergo major changes of ownership and strategy, not to mention moves between numerous production facilities.

Guitar giant Fender acquired Guild in 1995, and has certainly taken its time re-establishing the model line and brand. Initially built in Corona, California, then moved to the old Tacoma factory in Washington State, Guild has eventually found its new home somewhat closer to its original roots in New Hartford, Connecticut.

Instruments started rolling off the line in 2009, increasing in number and variation ever since. These three all hail proudly from New Hartford and for all intents and purposes are the ‘classic’ Guild models. The D-55 dreadnought and F-512 12-string Jumbo come from the premium Traditional Series, while the F-30 is from the slightly lower priced, although still American-made, Standard Series. It’s been quite the journey, so let’s see how our journeymen have fared.

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nick katsoulis says:

D55 what a B E A utifulllllllll. Fuck i dont have 3000 to buy this……. hahahahahahaha …..

sao lùn nâu says:


Hypersp4ce says:

Amazing sounding guitars. Ive always wanted a Guild acoustic.

MR GIBS says:

Very-very good demo! Thanks for sharing!

DJ Falko Hannover says:

I wanna say something else: Your Video arrangement, your sound/micing and playing is absolutely wonderful! Great Video. I own myself a 1992 F-30 Westerly) and since recently a 1979 F-512NT Westerly! Hell yeah.

out99990 says:

Man that F-512 sounds like a church!!!

Ducati Drew says:

I’m all over that D-55! The F-30 sounded just a tad to “thin” for my liking.

BillyCville says:

How’s he monitoring the previous tracks with no headphones? Through the speakers? Wouldn’t that bleed into the mics?

lcar4000 says:

F30 is phenomenal

Dave Cochrane says:

Loving the F30. Definitely on a par with Martin D-18.

Cary Chilton says:

I think this is the best acoustic demo I have seen ever on youtube. WOW

haventgotoverit says:

D-55 omaigadddddd!

Ducati Drew says:

This presenter plays the same tunes in every video and it truly covers the full range of an instrument.

Richard Lee says:

Bravo! What a demo for Guild.

harlon57 says:

When you add compression and reverb, we are no longer hearing the actual guitar…why do you do that?

Jim Rasch says:

Very nice playing and tone. Thanks

wilsocn says:

I played a 400 dollar Guild in the music store the other day and fell in love with the tone. I cant remember the model number but its tone was bright and crisp which is my personal favorite. Love the Guild headstock design too.

nick robinson says:

That’s a beautiful tune @4:08 on the f-30. What is it? I’d like to do it.

Blair Tinker says:

Nothing sounds like a Guild. Ive got an old G37Blonde Ive had since the 70’s. Great old piece of wood.

65casino says:

Best guitar video. Outstanding guitarist.

Jason Barnett says:

That F-30 though. I need one. 

BertAtkin says:

I like the F-30 best.

Bob Aldo says:

Love all 3.

Beremiz Belo says:

this 12 strings guitar sounds great man.

John Alway says:

Thank you for this really useful demo and the sheer musicality of the tune at the end. I have fallen in love with my neglected D-55

Mauro Guerreiro says:

Very good. I liked of D-55.

steven cairney says:

The 12 string in the video is not the same instrument that’s in the “Shop now” ad,and I was thinking of buying one too!

adanacman666 says:

u guys need to include string brand and gauge otherwise excellent stuff

William Conqueror says:

Excellent video! Loved the tune at the end. Now I want a Guild, especially the D-55 (although they all sound beautiful).

miticoetxebe says:

Very talented mate. Amazing playing!

Roy Lay says:

Guild makes some great guitars, and rarely seem to get the recognition these days that they should. I have three Guilds, and just got a jumbo, which has become my favorite guitar in the world. The tone is just so rich!

Kirsten Monahan says:

All three offer something unique, don’t they? I liked the F-30 the most on the first strum, then in the parts with more articulations I preferred the D-55. The F-30 has a more mellow, jazier sound. The D-55 sounds to me like it would be better in the recording studio. Now that 12 string is something else huh! Lovely.

Ash Almond says:

I want Santa to buy me this guitar on Christmas. 🙂

Hawx says:

The cheaper models always sound better.

Not Me says:

That D-55 made my ears smile and the 12 string sounds wonderful,may have to look into a new Guild soon.

Ekis86 says:

The D-55 sounds amazing in this demo. This is why I should have been rich. Too many guitars, too little money.

Zsolt Homonnai says:

very nice review, eargasm indeed.

Jesse Watson says:

Jeez, this video is really good. I can see why Andertons hired this guy. Here I was thinking I could get a job with Andertons just for being American!

Bosco K. says:

The 9 people who disliked this does NOT play a Guitar, Or anything else as far as that goes.. Here  you have GREAT lessons FREE , On Beautiful Guitars to. If you want to expand your playing method learn these riffs and take off man, This is really cool with how much more you can do with  these simple riffs. All I can say is Thanks for the Riffs . I have a DCE–5  Guild, 6 String Cutaway w/ Electronics . I LOVE this Guitar. I put on a new set of Martin med Strings and it sounds like a piano. Man just BEAUTIFUL…!   I might be mistaken BUT I heard Fender took over the Guild company . Anybody hear anything about that ? let me know.

Richard Cohen says:

I’m interested in the tabs for the first riff. I’ve understood everything but the chord after the E minor. What’s he playing?

Chris Fischer says:

An excellent review. Possibly the best I’ve seen. I thought each guitar sounded good for it’s type. The D-55 and F-512 sounded in a league with some of the Gibsons and Martins I’ve played for similar value. It would be down to personal taste. The OM was obviously a cheaper guitar. A good cheap OM will often have a good blues tone as I think this one does. A better OM would blow it and the D-55 away for the other lead though. For the OMs I’d like to hear how the F-50 rates against the Taylor, Gibson, Martin and PW.

Λ И D Λ says:

D-55 F*ckin Amazing

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