Guild F-1512e 12 String ★ Guitar Review

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Guild F-1512e 12 String ★ Guitar Review


David Allen says:

U have turn into a tattooed mountain man

Snuffy Ballparks says:

I have 1979 Guild F212XL NT (Mahogany). Incredible sound, with a wonderful bright chime and POWERFUL! Love Guild 12 strings. I’ve had mine for 30+ years and will pass it on to my guitar playing (much better player than me) son. Taylors are very good… but for 12’s… nothing like a Guild, especially the Westerly produced versions. I installed a K&K with a Zoom A3 preamp. Couldn’t be happier.

Susan Conlin says:

Tony, please identify the strings on your Guild 12 string review thank you.

JJ JJ says:

Whats the body depth on this guitar?

Alexis Flores says:

can you review the Martin backpacker?

CooperWX Personal says:

you should review a Protocol 38″ Acoustic Guitar (that’s what it’s called) (cheap!)

stewartoftheearth says:

you kept saying 115 ?

Matthew Mooney says:

Like the channel, very viewer friendly and well put together.

Ricardo Bolonese says:

Tony, could you review the Martin 00-15e Retro?

Christopher G says:

Tony, was this F-1512 a Westerly or a GAD model? I hear that there is a difference between the two.

Delta Blues Guitar Lessons says:

I am looking at this guitar and the Martin Performing Artist Series GPC12PA4 12, the Martin is 500.00 more but comes with a hard shell case what would your advice be please

Nigel Mccluskey says:

Folks the Guild F512 is gonna make a come back sometime next year.One of the best twelve strings out there.

Cee Valencia says:

Hey Tony! I love your reviews. Could there be a chance for you to review some guitars from Southeast Asia? Particularly Jeffrey Yong’s guitar with 2 soundholes?

wyo russ says:

Beautiful guitar! We are both from Bozeman too!

orabidoo says:

So much better than the Taylor!

Gijs Capel says:

Can you do the Martin D12X1AE?

No Monument says:

Guild f1512e or Taylor 150e ?

Dirk Jan Klijn says:

I have the F150 6string and I love it, for 12 string I have a Cort MR710F/12, and once properly set up a great 12 string.

Mark Harwood says:

Good vid, good review, ticks the boxes…but there are some questions posted that deserve replies.
ps: What a guitar!!

David Martyn Dean says:

Does the neck have double truss rods?

Paul G says:

I bought the F1512E based, in no small part, on this review, and it’s just awesome.

adam ferreira says:

hey Tony this might be a little off the genre but could it be possible you doing a review on an ovation guitar? I think their 12 strings sound great!!!

JDChicago says:

Back when Tony started reviewing guitars……Guild was selling guitars straight to Elvis.

John Doe says:

Nobody better at reviewing acoustics…

ItsRobertV.-_- says:

has he ever done a review of an Alvarez acoustic guitar

Mike Smith says:

Man I really enjoy your videos.

phenixreturns says:

And vs a Yamaha ll 16 12 are?

Brad James says:

I am happy to have found you again Tony!!

M AZ says:

fakest beard ive ever seen

chanceman122 says:

I’m in love with you channel keep it up

Ken Tan says:

hey tony! what do you think about sigma guitar? to be specific sigma 000m-15

Peter Davis says:

With the new 2017 D28 coming out, you should do a comparison with the new model and the old!

Brock Landers says:

Got me a Westerly RI – made Guild JF 65-12. Boy! The best sounding acoustic ever.

Victor Jones says:

bank managers guitar who cant play just a wall hanger thats why people buy yamahas

Bill Friggle says:

Love 12 strings.

Brett Turton says:

Sweet as a nut!

rick hunter says:

The Perfect guitar for rythm and arpegios

tomcatrecords says:

very nice review & playing!

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