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Taylor GS Mini Koa ★ Guitar Review


Shad Bunnell says:

I have a KOA Taylor GS Mini for sale. $700.00 (Not as beautiful as Tony’s lol) But still very nice. Same travel bag. I can send pics. if interested reach me at

Noval Stars says:

It sounds like a fully size guitar!!

Marco Robles says:

This one is an amazing looking guitar! Would love if reviewed the Guild Jumbo Junior or make a comparison between the Jumbo Junior and the GS Mini Koa.

Ben Middleton says:

I prefer Martins

Zuhdi Isnaeni says:

What string name and size that you using sir?

Pardon my english I’m from indonesia. Big thanks

Peter Schultz says:

It appears that Tony is too busy playing to answer any questions, ha ha. I’ve played it and think it has no bottom end whatsoever. I think it even comes out in the recording that way. It’s great for traveling and convenience because of the size but don’t get one if you really want a full sounding guitar. Great 2nd guitar for traveling and the campfire.

Glen Gómez-Meade says:

Sounds great. What Mic / Preamp were used?

Carvelz says:

Tony please start reviewing Seagull guitars!!!

Jhom Boneo says:

the tabs are not the same the way you play it

Ethan Jonas says:

This is a super nice guitar, for travel or just for jamming on the couch its perfect! 🙂

Larry W. Bowers says:

Tony…I love watching your acoustic reviews and have purchased a guitar due to your reviews. I have the Taylor GS Mini Koa. I would like to know what is the best strings to put on the GS Mini? Thanks, Larry

McLovers says:

I wish they had made this a 12 fret guitar, for me that would have been perfect.

Nicolas Bittner says:

Guys where can i get this awesome taylor guitars t-shirt?

Eric Yan says:

whats the song’s name after 4:43???

Vyanktesh Vatare says:

Which is the best GS mini e model of Taylor for live ???

Clayton Paz says:

What type of guitar is this ? Year ?

Neil Mercer says:

Excellent reviews as always! Your reviews helped me out a lot as I live in a town with limited guitar shopping options. Of course it’s no substitute to trying guitars yourself, but you really helped me narrow down the options and reduce the confusion!
I’ve had my GS mini Koa since June and have played it and gigged with it loads. It was my first smaller guitar and at first I wasn’t sure about the tone as it was quite diffferent to my aged Taylor 110, smaller guitars will always have a certain boxiness. Once I did some test recordings I found the GS mini head and shoulders above the 110 though – it’s so articulate. I play in a ceilidh band where it always cuts through the mix brilliantly, my bass runs come through so well. The es2 pickup is great – natural sounding and reliable with a good tonal range. It’s so small, light and portable and comes in a well designed semi-hard case – that really makes a huge difference when you’re carrying around a guitar a lot.
Tip! I added a pickguard to mine by cutting one out of a tablet screen protector just helps reduce the wear and tear and costs next to nothing.

Matej Kunzo says:

Hi, where did you buy Taylor GS mini e-Koa with this white strip in the middle. I can’t find any. Or how it is called? Thanks

Mark H says:

Well, you’d hope that Laurel made a copy of the hard-drive before submitting the laptop…

Fallout Assassin 75 says:

Hello! I am looking for a travel guitar around $300. Do you know any good Taylor’s around there? I’m looking for $300-$500.

Daniel Estrellado says:

this is the MOST GORGEOUS Koa top i I have ever seen on the GS mini!

Young Ando says:

문신제거해라 혐오스럽다

Steven Hale says:

Tony love your reviews heard this guitar and had to have one best purchase I’ve ever made hours of pure Koa joy playing it and I owe it all to you and Taylor

David Tulach says:

This is basically Railroad Tycoon soundtrack. Cool.

thearoom says:

Man.. I can’t decide between the Koa and the rosewood. I felt the rosewood a bit brighter and louder. any thoughts?

Kn1ght says:

I wish I could find one with this exact body color lol it’s the most beautiful one I’ve seen…

David Brunik says:

Can anybody tell me what kind of mic that he is using when he’s demoing?

JamesAgain says:

All this time I was thinking he was saying his name is Paulocaster as in a guitar themed alias combining Les Paul and Stratocaster, lol

Alex Hand says:

Have you heard anything about a cutaway GS Mini? I’m kinda holding out. I love them otherwise.

RynoComesAlive says:

I have played this instrument in Guitar center with other models gs mini, They Are great , but most of the time i was holding this and Guitar really sings and it has ES2 system in it. Stunning top , i decided to get IT AND bring IT home 🙂

Clayton Paz says:

What’s the difference from Taylor GS Mini-e Koa and Taylor GS mini Koa ?? Thank you tony.

AlfiNawarumi says:

any chance reviewing Ibanez aw54mini? I think it is interesing to see your review on that price range.

ThingsAreLookingUp says:

Very little resonance.

Douglas McIntyre says:

Tony, do you find the GS Mini’s really come alive if you use a light tough and let the electronics generate volume, presence etc?

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