Gretsch Jim Dandy Acoustic Review

The Grestch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top is a surprisingly affordable acoustic guitar, great for beginners and professionals!
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MR Mitas says:

I bought one of these just for the looks, without trying it. I adapted a tele bridge p/u, put Ernie Ball light gage electric guitar strings, and the little thing transformed into an awesome guitar. It even fells like an electric.

Kluk Ztopolovky says:

this little guitar is absolutely fantastic

Gaz Taylor says:

What a fine n dandy (ahem!) lil geetar…and at such a bargain price..what’s not to like?!! perfect for some simple home noodling, campfire strumming or any kind of rootsy playing situations. Thanks for the great demo guys :))

Blueser100 says:

Mine just arrived today. The one in the video sounds tuned down. I will have to try that, as well as some open turnings.

Daniel Weston says:

Truss Rod?

QuincyFuLo says:

Can you tell me what song that was, or what the style is called of what you just played?

Rockin Russ says:

Damndy shrill sound.

MisterJ says:

That’s a beautiful guitar.

afshinPROF says:

I actually love that it has no pegs at the bridge…just slip the string through the hole…great guitar…fun…comfortable….easy to play.

Shaun W says:

Great review . Very nice sounding guitar.

Rusty Blunderbuss says:

Are these things rather cheap? I see them online for around 200 and 300 which is pretty damn cheap, but if I were to go into my local long and mcquade would I be able to order one for around that price?

CoTheReal says:

tasty little piece of eye candy no question but unfortunately it just doesn’t sound good:^/

Pól 's Eye says:

I don’t mind the boxy sound, however the slick modern typeface and logo does look rather incongruous against such a nicely retro styled finish; it spoils the effect somewhat – Ah, I see from other reviews that the pick guard peels off using a hairdryer and creditcard. Now I’m sold!

TheCrossbow Channel says:

gretsch quality has went downhill fast. most guitars are made overseas,and that’s not a bad thing.
Epiphone,Fender,Ibanez to name a few are really putting out some great quality instruments overseas.
this Jim Dandy guitar… basically not much more than a First Act guitar from Walmart rebadged with the Gretsch name. they call it “roots collection” to advertise around their crappy build and sound. I paid $145 for mine…it’s over priced at that. it’s in reality,a $75 guitar

FutureXXD says:

The strings sounds like…. -.-

rob donell says:

Open tuning?

Mario Fromadistance says:

LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!! 🙂

Vladimir Medvedev says:

I bought mine for the looks, and don’t mind the sound, I use it for practice, and one thing I like about it, it doesn’t have that ugly bridge with pins.

Vladimir Medvedev says:

Can anybody recommend a pick up for this guitar, the sound hole is smaller than other guitars, I need one that fits.

Mark Johnson says:

Gretched.  Horrid.

WysteriaGuitar says:

I have one – good for down and dirty blues especially with a slide. That’s about it.

Ari Hernandez says:

Are these guitars strictly for blues and country? HUH? ARE THEY?! Cause that’s all everybody’s playing when they review em’!

T mac says:

Depends on who’s playing it 🙂

Siddharth Karunakaran says:

What is the tuning?

whodat says:

Do all Jim Dandys come with the action set way high? I’m thinking about taking mine to a luthier to see if he can adjust it a little lower.

Will Go says:

Well done review … solid, no bs. Very high production value, too. Sound and video quality are way above average.

LJPV777 says:

I went to take a look at an Oxblood Jim Dandy at Long & McQuade last week. The action was pretty high (which I expected in a cheap acoustic) but the real problem was the string spacing. The gap between the D and A strings was HUGE compared to the rest. I do want to buy one but I’ll wait until I can find one that I won’t have to make a new bridge saddle for.

Evelon says:

If you only had mic’ed it better (or removed the soundhole rumble that is taking over everything).

William Cutlip says:

Nota Bene: All the people in the remarks below who say it “sounds terrible,” but they own it: Hilarious. “Don’t buy this guitar I own” — yeah. Like we can trust your judgement — or your honesty.

PhantomToast says:

I’m thinking of buying this as my first steel string acoustic. I’ve only played nylon. They sell these G9500 guitars at the guitar store for about £150

松永みやこNFavel says:

Nice! What’s that number at 1:04?

fernando nicanor says:

Is a 3/4 guitar ???

LarWolkan says:

I think it sounds and looks great.  Just what a guitar representing that era should be

Anne Crowe says:

I have this and I love it

Daniel De La Calle says:

any similar one in sound from another brand maybe?

Alec Rafter says:

I am perplexed. The Jim Dandy is a very unique sounding guitar. People will pay $800-$4500 for a guitar to sound like that. It’s a $169. Professionals use this guitar for its unique sound. I’ve watched other promos and reviews regarding this guitar. You’re the only one that made it sound like shit. If you played a $100,000 guitar, I would question buying it. If you had Stevie Ray Vaughan’s original guitar or Jimi Hendrix’s, I would question if I wanted it… Jimmy Page if he were dead would say, “Fuck it. Kill me.”

Jack Montgomery says:

Would this instrument be okay to re-string for a left handed user?

kenigmalive says:

Please do a review of Cort Earth Mini Adirondack !

Bryant Herrera says:

needs thicker strings! love this guitar so much

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