Gear4music Electro Acoustic Guitar review

My unboxing and review of the gear4music round back style Electro Acoustic Guitar. A great value, good sounding and playing cheap guitar with a chromatic tuner fitted at the pre amp.


john neilson says:

hi friend, I am considering buying this guitar, thanks for your reiview it was superb and informative, but I have only one serious question…..did you have to file down the bone bridge to lower the action or was it playable straight out of the box. thank you for any information you can pass to me, greetings from Hamilton Scotland bye ra waie

hipenceto says:

I bought this guitar yesterday but i am wondering how you would change the strings on it?

John B. says:

£79? It’s £99 now. Get mine on Monday.I hope they gave you that one free because you sold it to me.

ნოა says:

sounds great <3

Marcus Orangeboom IV None says:

It isnae bad fer sevnty nine poonds was that a wee bit o hawkind ye were playin

Alex Fjodorov says:

6:58 Whats is a music ?

Paul French French says:

Angus Lad,,,,that guitar is shite, it looks shite ( an wats with the 80’s MG rubber bumper on the head),,,and it sounds shite like a 10yr olds first guitar and thats what it is,,but,,thats what u get when you spend 80 quid….You Angus are not a bad guitarist and made it sound better than what it is,,,try playin a few basic open chords anit will sound even shyyyter,,,however all is not lost here Angus,,,,Immediately change the strings to d’addario 12 gauge and the tone will improve big time,,especially the lack of bass on yours,,,,and dont bother with the tuner an buy a snark like the rest of the world uses,,,,keep spreadin the love Angus,,,Oh an by the way the cheque from gear4music is winging its way to you now,,,merry Christmass utubers

Filip Petric says:

Greetings to the guitar can be played without amplifiers, just as acoustic … I plan to buy but I would not want to miss?

meh life es a meme says:

This is the cringiest intro i have ever seen

Kieran Lochran says:

Interesting fact is that the access to the truss rod on this model is completely different comparing to the Ovation Elite models.

Ovation Elites have a circle cover on the back that you screw off to access the truss rod at the bottom, this model you access it by screwing off the cover at the headstock.

Other than that though, it’s a very nice guitar. 🙂

player 1 says:

I dont know the cocept of this but do you have to plug it in into a amp

Jose Marciaga says:

Good Video, Thanks You!, Someone Know, Which is the size of the this Guitar?

Lilliane Roks says:

I have a red one! What a fantastic guitar ! Never thougt it would-be possible for that money!

Ahmed Salam says:

so , do you really recommend it ?? and what about the pick-up response ?? as I’ll be hooking it to my PC via Guitar Rig

Jayden Valentine says:

this guy definitely has the best bondage porn collection

TheAcrobat7788 says:

it took me a little while to figure out that he was actually speaking english

peavey41 says:

Many thanx for your reply, I like the idea of the thinner body +  the onboard tuner, thanx again mark

averycleverman says:

Lovely guitar and brilliant at the price. But what language is the reviewer speaking – I cant work it out? Maybe Gaelic?

Luigi Marino says:

Hi friend, nice guitar, pure and clean sound. Have you ever tried other roundback/bowlback guitars ? According to you what’s the difference between this guitar and the normal acoustic ones ? Would you recommend me this one ? I am undecided if to buy this one or a normal acoustic… (for normal I mean which one with the big central hole instead of those little holes on both of sides)… thanks !!!

Charvie Mishra says:

i have an electro acoustic guitar too….similar to this one….just wanted to know if i can use nylon strings on it instead of steel for practising fingerpicking?

HeartlandSoul 01 says:

Are you using an acoustic amp? It sounds really nice!

M. Molli says:

Can you actually remove the inlays on the front?

Nick in the States says:

Looks great and sounds rather nice to me. Great video man! I might have to check one of those out. It’s time for me to diversify my acoustic tones… Seeing as I dont have any!

itsmehv says:

What’s the name of the song you played at 06:55?

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