Fender CD60CE Electro Acoustic Review

Great for recording and lovely tone at a very reasonable price plus a choice of 3 colours. Check out the details of the Fender CD60CE here…


luis silva says:

qual é o caralho da música?

Wani Sanders says:

Love it!

LeandR says:

3:12 What is the song name?
Or is this just an improv.? 😀

Geo Fergal says:

Sabertooth plays pretty damn well.

Armando Rueda says:


kunal chopra says:

ashton d20eqntm or fender cd60ce? please advise

Ing. Miguel Angel Rodriguez Vega says:

Hi there, can i make a purchase from Mexico?

B/W keys Cover says:

Sir I want to buy a Guitar so which one is better…. Fender CD60CE Or Epiphone Aj220sce…

Marcus Valdes says:

Sounds terrible to me.

nikato swu says:

Laminated or solid top

X X says:

How much did that guitar cost?



Rukije Ameti says:

What strings do you use?

Marissa Karamat- Ali says:

Nice sound

Carlos Guzman says:

Do you recommend it for beginners?

steve large says:

I love mine in Black!!! Love your style of playing!!!

luis silva says:

qual é o nome dessa musicinha ai

Quiruben Billionaire says:

Hello, I have this one, can you maybe give some tips what strings more fitted to it? Thanks

Ynys Lochtyn says:

Fair bit of string ‘squeak’ going on. Would this be the case for all (electro) acoustics or are there ways of reducing it?

josh 3/31 says:

wt strings they use nylon or steel

Fraggle says:

What’s the action like on this? Does it vary a lot from each one (so you might get one with crazy high action, might get low)?

kunal chopra says:

i have one, which amp to use with it?

Kamarien Edwards says:

what song at 3:10

mp3311 says:

what is the name of the song at 3:40?

Khangzei Malangmei says:

Brother I would like to Purchase this Guitar

Jew Manji says:

Your finger work on that fretboard is flawless. I truly wish I could ever come to play like that. I would love to see/hear you actually playing. Not just a quick demo.

Anyway thanks for the video review. A problem with the url you provided prevents myself or anyone else from purchasing through you.

DEB REX says:

please make a review of hertz hza9000.

Siddharth Sinha says:

Help ! Fender CD60CE versus Fender T Bukcet 300-CE should i go for ?

Bodhi Liong says:

0:44 made in indonesia ?

Anish Darnal says:

Bought this guitar yesterday. And realized that it’s bit hard to play up at the high end of the fret board….. Is it due to high gauge strings?? or is the neck bent??? Insights please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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