Fender CD-60SCE Demo & Review

Fender’s new line of acoustics are in! New to 2017 and showcased at NAMM, the Fender CD60SC comes in Natural, Black, and all Mahogany, with a clean cutaway and a solid Fishman pickup.These guitars are at a great price point and with an even greater sound.

More info available at:
Natural: http://store.alamomusic.com/fender-cd-60sce-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/

Black: http://store.alamomusic.com/fender-cd-60sce-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-black/

Mahogany: http://store.alamomusic.com/fender-cd-60sce-all-mahogany-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/

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The chaps says:

I just got this guitar. It’s awesome!

Percactii says:

Could you do a review on the Epiphone aj210ce or the Epiphone aj220sce

Rain says:

wooahh might actually buy this, thanks for the review

Rupak Nath says:

plz tell me wht is the difference between cd 60 se and cd60 sce……..which is better

ndvprasad kanumuri says:

Hello Alamo team, I’m from India and I would like to buy CD60SCE from your site, so what is my question is, does your site ship to India?

Parag Adlakha says:

Dark love

Iain says:

cheers pal

a c says:

Should I get this or a T-Bucket 300ce?

Clément Doray says:

Hi, what the major difference into the fender cd-60sce and the cd-140sce? The price difference it is justify?

Clyde Kallal says:

Outstanding review. Completely thorough and articulate. I love it! I may just have to purchase one for the simple reason, your review sold it to me. lol

Parag Adlakha says:

22 Sidhu moosewale k gane suna

JustAName says:

Which one would you recommnend between this one and the Yamaha Fg820L

Joshua Frazer says:

What type strings are on the cd60sce

Jay H. says:

I have the natural one left-handed, sounds great, plugged in or through my Peavey amp. I let a passerby try and play it even though he was a righty, which he couldn’t, which was a big mistake cuz he was wearing a watch on his strumming hand and and he officially gave my spanking new guitar it’s first scratch, moral of the story, a guitar is like a woman, you don’t lone her out, to anybody not even for a second.

Vatsal Chauhan says:

Hey bought the cd60s a few days ago but I noticed that it has some ‘very little swellings’ on top of the guitar at some 3 to 4 places I guess
is that natural ?
Was kinda worried about it
Please help.

a space cowboy waiting in the stars says:

do you need an amp

red special fan says:

The mahogony natural one sounds better than the black to me

chiara cavuoto says:

What kind of amp do you use?

Gilby Blue says:

Does the Mahogany version have a pickup? Did see it being used in this video. Great review though and sounds like a great instrument. That mahogany version is damn gorgeous looking and sound better to my ears.

Jim Mcguire says:

Can you show how to replace the batteries for the pre amp? No one seems to address this and it is something that a prospective buyer should know.

Rachna Srivastava says:

What’s the difference between mahogany and fishman pickup?

Mike lives says:

can i get one cd60sce mah in india?

Världens tråkigaste videos says:

Is this laminate

Sahil says:

Whats the difference between the Fender CD- 60SCE and the Fender T- Bucket 300CE i am looking for a new guitar and both of these cost the same. Which one should I get?

Failboy999 says:

I tried one of these at the local guitar store in mahogany. I have to say, I thought it sounded better than anything sub 2000.00 bucks. I think it is really that good. Plenty of sustain, similar snap like the Taylor’s of you dig in to it a little and held tune as I played it several times. I kept coming back to this. Martin’s sounded muted and flat, and were not as lively. Taylor’s were very colorful but starting point is 3 times the price. Breedlove was good but action too high. Bottom line, these guitars are good sounding, good playing and the solid tops will age and sound even better. Plus, you can always upgrade the nut and saddle if you wish affordably. Simply awesome mahogany guitar

Eduardo Mézquita Avilés says:

Wha are de pros and cons of the cd 60sce and the cc 60sce I can’t decide wich one cover my needs better

BD Stan says:

Can you play these guitars with guitarsmith ? Thanks For Your video

TheCoolStuffHD says:

Just bought a black one and an acoustisonic 15 amp!

Rafael Sampang says:

Hi may i ask which is the best Fender CD-60CE or CD-60SCE???

Mạnh Trung Nguyễn says:

Can anyone tell me the different between CD-60SCE and CC-60SCE? many thanks

Piyush Sharma says:

I see so many views but very few likes. Give the man some credit. Great review 🙂

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