Esteban Acoustic Guitar Review – How does it sound?

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fenderfan85 says:

LOL I thought the front was bad enough. Then he flipped it over. Il use my Taylor for firewood when I get my hands on one of these quality instruments.

Jesse De Muth says:

Limited run of 25,000 !! Hahahha, priceless!

Joey Baima says:

My Boss/Friend Just Got One Of these With The White Fretboard. I Believe Its Plastic.
I Cant Go On Stage With Him And that guitar, I Mean It.

jensen otte says:

This guys sarcasm level is so strong, I thought he was serious for a while.

Angel says:

when you are not bad at guitar playing, even this junk can sound descent

Donna says:

What? Where’s the gorilla suit? I wonder if that guitar player Slash plays one of these? So many questions.

Scott Sealy says:


Midnite Reveries says:

Sounds like an extremely cheap $50 guitar that you get from pawn shops…….

Tommy Golden says:

I’m fixing the 0004th run of this extraordinary guitar, for a customer. Every time it moves 40 beads fall of and the dog has a blast. The frets are made of what appears to be pitted tin. A classic. Better get yours fast.
Before the beads all fall off.

Nathan Bishop says:

Aren’t these those guitars that are made out of cardboard?

Frank Kolton says:

I laughed so much and so hard that I think I gave myself a hernia. I’m sending my first payment (1st of 30) of only $19.99 out right now. Oh, before I forget, do you have tabs for that?

Ayedo Aido says:

mate, you will never be in need of a job as you are brilliant!

Donny brown says:

Got alot of buzz to it.

Jack Carone says:

just sell the jewels and buy a Martin.

SCYTHE2525 says:

In the hands of an accomplished guitarist this doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Jessica Robinson says:

Mystery wood fingerboard lol what a loser selling complete shit

Jawknee Rustle says:

Mystery wood finger board.

Nick Tarter says:

Wow! That guitar sounds like junk… but those jewels though. Anyone have a bedazzler? I think I’ll put a bedazzled heart on the front of my Martin so it can look as smooth as that Esteban (full amount of sarcasm fully intended).

Esteban Salvador says:

I am esteban, where i can i buy esteban acoustic guitare ^^.

Wild n the young says:

Is this guy serious

The Puertorican Beast Jonathan Ayala says:

Me no like

Mokey Tah says:

Damn! I was hoping you were gonna throw it in a trash compactor.

hifijohn says:

sounds like your playing a cardboard box.

Darrell Tiencken says:

Love satire!

may wild says:

I have that guitar

icecansing says:

Ohhh my word!!! This is the best! Beardless Tony! lol Golden Pick 2016… ;-]

Christian Salindeho says:

You can say that fretboard is “rose-wood”

yourdedede0 says:

It’s the Aprils 1st(or April Fool’s) edition. He picked the perfect piece of shit to review for April Fool’s day!

Achilles says:

Is Esteban lounging on a tropical island sipping Piña Coladas right now or sitting in a jail cell gulping Pruno?

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