Epiphone Texan guitar review from Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar contributor Teja Gerken demonstrates the Epiphone Texan guitar. For the full review, please check out the February 2014 issue of Acoustic Guitar or www.acousticguitar.com.


kenokid says:

Could you PLEASE start with strumming?

Trevor Beaumont says:

1 and 11/16th’s nut?   …..Still too narrow for me! Sounds good though.

Harry Sowerby says:

Did either David Crosby or Stephen Stills have one of these? Looks very similar to the guitar that Stephen Stills is holding on the front cover of the first Crosby, Stills and Nash album…

Jimbo Turkey says:

What an awful looking guitar…

Icaro Moreira says:

this one or taylor 110e ?

12Radius says:

This is one of the best for the money! mojo workin on these.

Ash_Ling Medivac says:

it is twice the price in india….even ej200….just yamaha guitars cost the same, i compared the prices in amazon india & uk…

Lord JS says:

I own one that’s natural like in this video and one that’s a faded cherry burts and both are awesome.

Jim Rylander says:

4:40 So much buzzing or maybe it’s the playing.

Brendan Grehan says:

I have a Texan. Its a great guitar for the money.

Zush says:

This guitar is a deal, great sound for the price, amplified too.. its a shame that for me is so ugly..

Brendan Grehan says:

Graham Nash used an Epiphone acoustic in the hollies. it had a double pickguard. he used it with csn too.

Ronnie631000 says:

My Takamine EF341 has laminated sides and back. My gibson J160 J.L is Laminated sides and back plus a plywood top. Regret buying that one.

Joseph Jolly says:

Made a cover of ‘Yesterday’ using this! Come check it out, it’s an awesome guitar!

Ronnie631000 says:

Hello. I got this guitar in Dec 2013′. Totally love it. Excellent craftmanship. The tone is excellent. Action was and still is excellent right out of the box. I feel that it sounds and plays better then my Gibson J160e and my Yamaha LS26. My Epiphone DR500mce is my 2nd choice. Thanks for the demo

cinni sweet says:

I’ve had 2 of these. The first was very impressive, but like a knucklehead I traded it away. The second one wasn’t half the guitar the first was. I agree with 12Radius, (if you get a good one) definitely great for the money.

emmixsun96 says:

which one has the clearest sound ? the hummingbird or the texan? I’ve also been looking at yamaha apx1000 or 700 II. Please comment all guitar players

Salt_e says:

holy fret buzz

Brendan Grehan says:

there is a paul mccartney elitist which costs a good deal more.

dgmisal1979 says:

Love that concept… though I do wish Epi made a quality version of the J45, too.

Ronnie631000 says:

Still feel this is the best sounding acoustic that I have owned.

McChilam says:

I have owned this guitar for years, just couldn’t put it down for another!
In my experience, I think elixir phosphor bronze strings with nanoweb (.53 – .12) sound perfect on it. What strings are you guys using?

pjmuck says:

Wow, very impressed with the Nanoflex sound. Very natural sounding. 

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