Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500RCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar Review

The limited edition Epiphone eClub 2014 Masterbilt AJ-500RCE takes inspiration from an original 1931 model, adding in contemporary touches to suit the modern player.


Masterbilt says:

How I can set up my guitar, I have a masterbilt DR-500MCE, but feel very hard strings and my fingers pay the price, can you tell me how i can do?

Jeff Ward says:

Played this guitar and it is brilliant. I would love to own it someday. I instead bought a fender hellcat for I few hundred bucks cheaper. With both guitars you get a lot of bang for buck

keith patterson says:

Thanks for the review, it was very good. I have had my eye on this guitar for a while.

bramblechops says:

I am lucky to have two epi’s in my collection and quite frankly they are outstanding for the money . I have an inspired by1961 texan and an EJ200 both worth twice the retail price in my opinion ! Go try one ,you will not be disappointed..


Masterbilt Epiphones are old school cool and a home run in my book! What you get to what you pay for… you sort of feel guilty when you buy one, like you paid to little or the company should have charged more… way more! The guitar brand for the working guitar player!

Thanks for the review!

Quodge says:

Only guitar in this price range where the pickup seems to nearly be as good as the room mic

Flop2river # says:

Could you strum using a pick over the soundhole? Your strumming position near the bridge made it sound thin and tinny…Thanks

Alejandro Mendiguchía Apodaca says:

Am I hearing a hum from the nanoflex pickup?

Gaz Taylor says:

Thanks Lee and dawsons for another excellent demo. The Epiphone product range..acoustic and electric..just keeps getting better and better!! As a working guitar player I’m proud to use these fine, value for money instruments..if you haven’t tried an Epi for a while..do yourself a favour and get out and try a one…they simply ROCK!!

Don Tucker Music says:

Would have been nice if he had spent 10 seconds showing the back and sides of the guitar. Nice presentation otherwise. I really love the satin finish of the guitar.

Ikbal Preet Singh says:

your reviews are great…
keep up the good work…

Juan A says:

I bought a Martin from GC(Finally). It arrived scratched!! Upset?? Sure!! After I settled down, I decided to purchase this guitar. The action is much better possibly because scale length?? The neck feels slimmer, and it is just “one-of-those-guitars” that you pick up, and you don’t want to put it down. I play mostly unplugged, so I can’t comment on that, but the sound and feel make this a keeper. It was $736 with one of GC’s promo codes. I’ll be getting older with this guitar for sure. I’d highly recommend giving this one a try. I saved enough money buying this to take a vacation!!

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