Eastman E10ss acoustic guitar review

Buy an Eastman E10ss: https://www.eastmanguitars.com/acoustic-dreadnought-e10ss

Eastman Guitars: https://www.eastmanguitars.com

The Eastman E10ss is a fantastic acoustic guitar at any price. It’s construction is reminiscent of a Gibson J45, and it sounds, plays, feels, and looks every bit as good as guitars that cost 2-3x more.

In all the playing samples, I used an AKG C214 mic into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo interface, except for the sample at 02:39 where I recorded the direct signal from the LR Baggs Anthem.


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SN95 Mustang Garage says:

I liked your semi hollow Eastman too. They seem to be copy Gibson so what not to like.

Isaac the Worship Warrior says:

sounds great. do you still have the Eastman T386?

Jaelen Pace says:

I have an Eastman AC222CE and I absolutely love it. The quality is worth about 2x more than I paid for it. I highly recommend it. Also shout to your review videos Brian! One thing I appreciate when you sample licks from worship songs that we are familiar with it helps me envision what the guitar would sound like on stage instead of just hearing abstract chord playing. Thanks for what you do!

Joshua Henderson says:

Really great review. I own a Eastman E10D-TC. I’ve noticed that the Adi tops sound great and have a lot of headroom but I would say they do take some time to open up. I would love to hear how this guitar sounds today or even a few years down the road. 🙂

simonator says:

Love the sound! Eastman is just so good! Great video 🙂

S. Cola says:

I just got the E20SS which is the rosewood version. Really love it. My second Eastman. Really great guitars.

Jeff Stockford says:

Thanks Brian, Great review! I’m sold. This is going to be my next guitar purchase.

kenneth eberline says:

hey B, nice review.  Do you know what strings are on it?

JS Phillips says:

Absolutely beautiful sounding guitar! I owned an Eastman A- style mandolin (600 series), and I was amazed at the quality of that instrument (especially for the price). Had to sell it, but now I want to snatch up another Eastman mandolin, and an E10SS guitar.

Jared Cruz says:

Hey Brian, I have a question. I’ve got a Baby Taylor that I’m trying to set up, and after checking the neck relief and string height I noticed that the action was very high and that I could loosen the truss rod a bit to give the neck some more relief. After sanding a considerable amount off of the saddle, the action is lower but is still pretty high at the 12th fret. Also, after playing with the truss rod (loosening and tightening it) I’ve noticed it is making no difference at all to the bow of my neck. Any tips or pointers? Thanks!

Luciano Ferreira - Official says:

Great work, Keep it up!

barjoblues says:

are the back and side “solid mahogany ” or not .. that’s the question..?!! thank’s

SN95 Mustang Garage says:

I like your Eastman semi hollow so I find the acoustic to be nice as well.

Martijn Veenman says:

Gotta love Eastman! I own a E20om and I love it. I also build a lr baggs anthem sl in :). I love your work, keep it up!

Michael Nelson says:

Bridge pins are not tuning pegs.

Ryan H says:

I’m going on 5 years with my Eastman E10SS this December and it’s held up really well, with the exception of pick scratches (I added a pickguard about a year in). I play regularly on the worship team at my church and use the LR Baggs M80 pickup. I love it. Owned a Taylor 314 and a US made Ovation Celebrity before that, but the Eastman just stands out. Constantly get compliments on the sound of the guitar. Best value in solid-wood acoustics.

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