Donner DAG-C1 Acoustic Guitar Review – Only $125?!

The Donner DAG-C1 Acoustic Guitar –
Buy it cheap here – (affiliate link)

This is the Donner DAG-C1 Acoustic Guitar. It comes with everything you need to get started including picks, a strap, a quality gig bag, a capo and more…

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rmsavig2204 says:

Your video encouraged me to get this guitar. It is great, thank you.

Alan Angel says:

Sounds good.

Brett Tickell says:

Why did you compress it? To make it more accurate to how is sounds in person?

JPCustomGuitars says:

Wow, I had no idea you are such a great acoustic player. But it’s no surprise!

Boxcar Stewart says:

That gig bag and other goodies is an awesome deal for that price! And it’s a lefty cutaway! Nuts.

Malcolm Hardwick says:

Seems like a steal !

DMSProduktions says:

Good stuff. I checked your link, said $129!!! Oh well $4 isn’t a stretch for such a cheap, but playable guitar! HOW was the out of the box set up?

Todd Flowers says:

I’m amazed they can build and sell acoustic’s for that price that are actually good ! Thanks Shane ! (Sounded great to my ear !)

Mark Stanford says:

Good video. Just as an FYI the Amazon link sends you to the DAG-1 which does not have the cut out. Probably the same guitar, just not the exact one you demoed. If I can find the CR on the Donner site, I will probably buy one. For a buck and a quarter….you can’t beat it. Thanks!

outlawrickenbacker says:

guitar sounds real good, crazy cheap! Like Brett said, why the compression?

Habs247 says:

I would look at the Harley Benton D-120CE NT, 67 USD, or 102 after shipping, it doesn’t come with a tuner, strap, picks and capo, but after a setup, intonation and mild nut work this guitar plays better than acoustics I have played in the 600-700 range, and is already an acoustic/electric.

H Kay says:

Sounds great.

Boxcar Stewart says:

I prefer matte finishes. That sounds so mellow. I was expecting it to be a little more boomy and bright. Sounded great!

Tibor Risko says:

Great sound and very soulful playing Shane! IMO a matt finish makes a HUGE difference in tone, I think it lets the guitar “breathe” more and lets the top resonate easier and louder. Big thumbs up!

Bob S. Stevenson says:

i find your usual blues style to be great to hear, but your strumming style was nice to hear too.

Peter Schmidt says:

Sounds very bright, but pretty good for the price. The questions going to be the action if the bracing bends under pressure over time. Actually, that action looks pretty high – was that the case Shane? Would make a great beater that you could leave around the house and wouldn’t be too worried if anything happened to it.

kingstumble says:

it is amazing what you can get for not a lot of money these days. Back in prehistoric times when I was a lad you would need to pay £500+ in today’s money to get anything even remotely playable. I don’t think those are brass frets by the way. A case of the Chinese using the wrong word to describe them.

pcbullets says:

Nice sounding guitar for the money and great playing too Shane, cheers!

Nathan Daniels says:

How does it compare to the Orangewood Victoria and Manhattan? Same price, different company. I’ve never seen an honest (unsponsored) review of either guitar. Comparison?

From all my years following the channel, I don’t recall hearing you play an acoustic. That was top notch, Shane.

Scotts man says:

Great demo, great DEAL Shane!

Lando27Music says:

Wow, can’t believe all the gear they pack in with the guitar. Sounded great! Looks like a great bargain. 🙂

John North says:

Great value but still way to expensive for me 🙂 . I tend to scour the s/h listings and now and again get a real bargain. Really cheap acoustics now are just nasty (but comparable to some supposedly good ones back in the 70’s ?) so do yourself a favour and listen to Shane – your fingers will benefit.

Terry's GG&G says:

Wow Donner makes instruments too ? Looks/sounds like it would also be a cheap platform for modding into a electric/acoustic too !! 🙂

Scotts man says:

Shane- Thanks again for the great review. I just ordered one as a result!! 🙂

Marco Lalama says:

Hey Shane,

Do you have any info on the nut? How is it?

Peter Schmidt says:

Did anyone happen to catch the shipping on it? The guitars $129 + $135 shipping to Aus – shipping costs most than the guitar. So it’s $264 US, convert from the latest US rate to AU and it’s just under $1000 AU – what a bargain 😉

Antonio Alejandro Hernández Pérez says:

It looks and sounds good, great value. Thank you for the video Shane. I saw your harley benton´s unboxing, I purchased a Harley Benton acoustic (Harley Benton CLD 16S) a few months back…and I was really impresed, it´s a great guitar with a Solid spruce top (which makes a huge difference) and even a bone nut. The price is 158€ and it comes with Daddario EXL strings set (it cost 14€ itself), which is absoluty crazy. If you can check it out some of their acoustics, it could be cool…I think that their acoustics are a little better value and quality than their electrics guitars.

Cheers from Spain!

Brian Cleminson says:

This package is on amazon here in the UK for £92 with free delivery! I don’t need one but I’m tempted…

Luminositymusic says:

In the States that additional accessories value at over $100 U.S. I have a branded of there’s.

Sonya says:

That is great, Shane. I’ve been wanting an acoustic to play at times. That looks like the one! It looks like an electric/acoustic version is only about $12 more. Might try that one. Thank you.

50Something says:

Very professional review Shane! You’re really good at this!

Simon Bland says:

Postage $135……….

Ben Pedersen says:

there’s a solid 3 secs of video where all we see is your crotch

ravenslaves says:

I’ve been noticing more of these inexpensive acoustics on the market lately. I suspect that most of them come from the same factory regardless of the name on the headstock. I also suspect that should they survive long enough (as opposed to falling apart in a few years) that they’ll age into some serious tone machines.
We’ll just have to wait and see.
In the mean time that price just can’t be beat.

Ben Hackett says:

You can bet they’re brass coloured nickel frets AKA brass/nickel alloy, which tends to look more like brass, whereas normal nickel/silver type nickel is really just nickel with silver colouring – absolutely no silver in them.
Between that, the name of the guitar – DAG- & the fact I already have a 20 year old MIK Fender acoustic with pickups, I’d rather spend a little swapping out the frets than buy an acoustic shipped from China that would still need $500 fret replacement due to nickel allergy.
I rarely play acoustic, so certainly not on my GAS list, but nonetheless a nice guitar & as usual your playing is beautiful.

Cheers Shane,


mrlionel1965 says:

What a great guitar for the price. This almost looks and sounds better than my Ibanez electric acoustic. Thanks Shane for the great review

Quentin James says:

Please understand that “Fret sprout” is pretty common on inexpensive guitars. Like Shane said, 5 minutes to fix. It’s amazing, the quality of gear that’s out there…..”Hello…..Gibson ??……”

Timidater says:

Always enjoy your videos Shane Rock on Brother!!!!!!

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