Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic Review | Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 26

Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic Guitar Review! This Review Features in Guitar Interactive Magazine Issue 26:

Giogio Serci reviews the Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic as featured in Issue 26 of Guitar Interactive magazine!


Dennis Gaffney says:

What amp did you use ?

Jon Nichols says:

Sweet playing, mate!

Don Rauch says:

Cordoba 55FCE I finally got one and sounds wonderful with an amp and with out a amp. I would highly recommend it.

christopher hanna says:

superb review…

Aiden Kashi says:

Does the thinner body make it not sound as full or rich or loud as the studio/pro?

Manny KT says:

All solid?

Howard Roark says:

what’s that chord in 9:51 ? thanks 🙂

Christopher John Bridgman says:

Giorgio, how did you like the ‘traditional’ Savarez strings here and would you countenance the idea of using these ‘new-fangled’ carbon ones by the likes of D’addario?  I think it would be great if you did a GI string test on a variety of the currently available classical and flamenco strings and also look at the different bridge tying methods to determine which are good and which bad – for example looping as espoused by old Augustine versus the twisting method shown on Savarez packs?

Firebird Sweet says:

That does sound good.

Simon Runcorn says:

brilliant review, thnx

Kyler S says:

I dismissed this because it is a thinbody. I picked it up and played it at Sam ash. It was the loudest and clearest guitar in the room. Give it a try

Nathan Caballero says:

The problem that I have with these guitars is their amplification system. It sounds like a piezo pick up and they always have this plastic twangy sound. I’m not sure if there has been any improvements in guitar amplification for nylon string guitars, but this one is too expensive to have that awful sound. sorry.

David Osvaldo Negro says:

Cuerdas de nylon ??

Soumyadipta Ray says:

tell me one thing.. i stay @India… 6 prominent seasons here with min humidity 80% and max 100%.. is this guitar gonna behave good under such adverse weather or not???

Francisco Paez says:

Awesome playing!!! olé

Damani Dummett says:

What is that introduction piece called please…. ANYONE??

nothing says:

Cordoba makes a decent cheap guitar, Honestly not the best, being very light just makes them feel like cheap toys compared to an Alvarez. I would not buy another.

Christopher John Bridgman says:

For some of us ‘wrinklies’ there’s precious little choice for an arthritic shoulder when it comes to classical or flamenco guitars with only this 55FCE and its predecessor the FCWE at less than 3″ deep (thank God for the pernikety Gypsy Kings and their on-stage requirements)!  Does anyone else know of any ‘genuine’ thinline/slim-body acoustics either nylon or steel strung (even the PRS Alex Lifson is not really that ‘thinline’ at >3.5″)?

Petra Nass says:

Excellent review and playing. Thank you! I have one question, is the ziricote back and sides in solid wood?

john denver says:

when he turn the side of the guitar it look bad manufacture works …..every one can see the Fishman amp fixed in angled way not strait … I wonder about A guitar with this price and bad manufacture works

MrMjp58 says:

Excellent review, excellent playing.

Paul Schmit says:

Great piece ! I’d love to play it. Can I find the tab somewhere ? Thank you !

larry urbon says:

I’ve played GK Pro’s for 3 years now. If you prefer playing “unplugged”, the GK Pro is superior to the FCE or FCWE because of their deeper body. The FCE/FCWE need to be plugged in.

Rick W. says:

If I could do that I’d never leave the house!  Beautiful.

Avisek Ganguly says:

wow very good player

SenninhaPSX1 says:

I would love to own this guitar, but I would rather learn to play like him! Virtuoso!!!

Max Salas says:

Cordobas are great guitars. You cant go wrong with them! Im a happy owner of one. Great guitar and affordable!

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