Composite Acoustics Cargo Travel Guitar Review

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Jesse Watson says:

I’ve had one of the originals of these since 2009 and love it!  I used to just wander around with it hanging off my back (got some strap locks) and never had to worry about it.

Zachary B. says:

Ya know, I think this just goes to show that a skilled player can make anything sound good.

Mark Koppen says:

I’ve owned one of these for about a year now, and also own 6 other guitars including 2 Martins and a Gibson.  This is a great sounding little guitar, with amazing bass for the size.  I wanted a guitar I could just leave in my trunk and play whenever I wanted, and I have done just that.  All winter and summer this baby is not affected at all, just a slight retuning and it’s ready to go – temps here at my home range from about 40 degrees to over 100 on a few days each summer.  The short scale is like playing a regular scale guitar at the second fret.  It also has built in electronics, and sounds good plugged in.  I have no regrets at all in buying this great travel guitar.  People always tell me how surprised they are that this sounds so much like a wood guitar.  CA did a very nice job with this model.

Florian Abel says:

Can someone tell me the name of the melody that starts at 3:04 ?

kamalamak says:

What’s the song title at 3:55?

Celticsaint777 says:

Why hasn’t Acoustic Letter reviewed the larger scale Composite Acoustics guitars?  The Legacy dreadnaughts will stand up to high end wooden guitars in terms of tone and the stability and durability is incredible.  I can play my Vintage Performer COT model dreadnaught next to my Martin D18s and it sounds as good.  Also the GX sounds as good as wood too.  My CA 12 string sounds as good as my Taylor 12 string and Martin 12 string and the Martin now has truss rod problems that the CA will NEVER have.  Seriously, I believe CA full size guitars deserve to be reviewed as well. 

ianA says:

Had the opportunity to play one at a guitar shop in York and I was so impressed with the quality of sound and excellent playability. Felt like I could solo for days on that thing. Not sure why you wouldn’t play this live, it’s an excellent all around guitar, though I do admit it’s a hair tinny and maybe not quite as robust as an all wood guitar. I think the wood gives a little bit more depth, but knowing the materials and purpose of this makes it a really nice guitar. I hate the prices though…

guitarguitarnet says:

Very nice review. never seen anything like this guitar before, but seems very cool indeed =)

Trevor B says:

Damn..This thing sounds good…Or maybe it’s just Tony.

chris sto says:

People who listen with their eyes always make me want to poke them in the peepers, Three Stooges Style. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

VirtualLife says:

It’s not bad sounding. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s like the vibration of the sound feels too simple. It lacks the complexity that wood guitar delivers. I would rather have wood.

just guitars says:

Is that the Bat-guitar. Looks good!

Notorious ROSCOE says:

I ordered mine from Sweetwater on Tuesday of last week and received it that Friday. I had played one the weekend before, and I found it astonishingly easy and natural. It’s like the guitar somehow helps you play. The neck and action remind me of a Fender electric. The neck is hollow and stiff as wood, and it will never need adjustment. I’ve tried several such carbon fiber guitars, and I settled on this as the best of the lot. Oh, and it FITS IN THE AIRLINER’S OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT! It sounds bigger than it is, and because many of my gigs are outdoors in all kinds of weather, it’s going to be my go-to instrument for many years to come. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? To me, absolutely.

gchampi2 says:

Interesting. While not the greatest sounding acoustic of all time, I’ve certainly heard worse (for more money too). It definitely has one major advantage over a wood body travel guitar in these times of Lacie Acts & CITES listings – there’s absolutely no way an over-zealous customs agent can confiscate it, claiming you’re trying to smuggle endangered species. They’d look a little stupid if they tried, considering its made out of the same stuff as most modern airliners…

hongdekong says:

Love it!

billghazey says:

I have one of these and a Baby Taylor. There is no comparison. This is a really great sounding instrument and a lot of fun to play. In fact no other travel guitar I’ve played compares favorably. I can leave it out without worrying that my 21 month old grandson isn’t going to be able to hurt it when he smacks one of his toys against it, so I use it at home a lot as well. It’s a fun guitar, and highly recommended. .

Joseph rivas says:

This’d be excellent to have when hopping freights and such.

Carboni Marcello says:

this guitar composite no have life …the wood is life, when you play together life too

baasekloso says:

Tony, have you ever come over to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji and to enjoy hot spa?

MoonGlow says:

reminds me of my old Ovation guitar soundwise

joerogrz says:

That really doesn’t sound too bad. Color me impressed.

LucaGritschMusic says:

Would you like to do a review of the Maton SRS 70 C?
Would be really nice 😀

surgeyX says:

Osama Bin Tony Al-Guitara

Harry Harshimoto says:

I played one of these today at the music store. Amazing little guitar. Sounds like a full size dreadnaught, and plays so silky smoothly.

Douglas Thornstone says:

it sounds super dull compared to all wood guitars. But when the forests run out it might be the only guitars available after a hundred years or so. 

Rob Byers says:

Would love to know what tune you are playing at the beginning. Thanks

Mike W says:

Wow, a guitar I can take out on my 14′ cat boat! Paying a grand for one of these is kind of steep, though, right now. I was impressed with the quality of tone. I played a Rainsong one time and quickly put it back on the wall – not impressed with those.

Jeremy Cahill Corbeil says:

How much does this king of guitar cost ?

Howard Frischer says:

about time, a travel guitar that you can really travel with (not having to worry about weather conditions) 

Ryan Matthew says:

Do you think this guitar will sound good with percussive songs where you can hit the guitar and it would sound similar to wood?

lahbl says:

I’m in love with something I’ll never afford 🙁

Harry Harshimoto says:

I BOUGHT one of these Saturday morning and took it home. STILL IN TUNE when I took it out of the nice padded gigbag. Took it outside to pick on while I smoked on the patio in the sunlight of a 90 degree afternoon. STILL IN TUNE. Took it back into my 75 degree air conditioned house, picked aggressively for an hour. Went to bed later that night, woke up early and picked it up. STILL IN TUNE.

Love it.

ikravchik says:

I really like the idea of a carbon fiber guitar. Even if we run out of wood we can still make music. {May that never happen}

Mark Roddy says:

Why would I never play this live? The guitar sounds big and very alive. Oh well. I have 2 of em. Many gigs and many mission trips. The Martins stayed home.

bjbell52 says:

BTW, my wife and I are going to retire in the Philippines soon. I would not dream of bringing any of my hand made Paragon/Haida Gwaii guitars because I fear the climate will ruin them. 

I have an Adamas but I really wish I have an Composite Acoustic all carbon fiber guitar instead. I played one and it sounded great and I don’t have to worry about the climate.

Michael Brohl says:

That sounds really good for a travel size CF guitar. I think I’m interested.

raytheprinter says:

They we not  bad for 900.00 ,but I see the price is up to 1500,1600.00,, glad I got mine before the price hike or I would have had to pass on it.

Al Sunshine says:

Eyes closed it sounds great and exceptionally full sounding for what is pretty much a parlour sized guitar.

William Porter says:

You missed a Dr. Seuss moment:  “You can play it in a pool, you can play it with a fool.  You can play it by a fire, you can play it when you’re wired.  You can paddle a canoe, you can play it with your shoe.” 

mporth says:

I’m pretty sure the nut is 1 3/4 not 1 11/16, great guitar though, I’ve got a 2012 model

bjbell52 says:

One more thought – KUDOS for the acoustic letter for making this video. Their focus has always seem to me to be on wood – only guitars. It’s nice to see that when a non-wood guitar might fit someone’s needs they are willing to post about it.


Ender Skies says:

But.. but.. tone wood.. but

John L says:

Nice Beard Bitch

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