Collings Waterloo WL-14 X acoustic guitar review demo

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 390
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Grant Ferstat says:

Sounds amazing to me. Captures a very specific period tone and aesthetic.

Donal Callum says:

They are called Waterloo because that was Austin’s name previously, and Austin is where Collings and Waterloo are built.

Leo Sharp says:

What mic are you using? The recording sounds excellent.

Ted Parkinson says:

I just bought the X-braced model and it is amazing and totally fun to play. Some might say it sounds a bit ‘raw’ but when I finger pick all the notes are clearly articulated and so you can play subtle hammer-ons and small fills and they sound great and are not lost in the mix. It is a cool and exciting guitar for a reasonable price. Try one!

Jason Jobb says:

BILL must’ve wanted to build a finger picker guitar! the other models are best!

Paul Smith says:

Anchor your hand with your pinkie and stop playing like a girl.

Jesse Watson says:

Do these have bolt-on necks like a Collings, or are they period-correct dovetail neck joints?

TheSkipjack95 says:

Not too keen on the sound, as I prefer more bass in an acoustic ( like Art et Lutherie Cedars ), but it sure looks very very nice indeed

kingstumble says:

It’s nice,but £1800? I would rather have the newish Gibson J-15 at half the price.

Jason Jobb says:

Good lorrrd… uggh!

Staky 1980 says:

One of the best sounding acoustics I’ve heard !! What’s the retail on them??

sefton1972 says:

Beautiful. Neil Young would write some more classics on that. It sounds right up his street.

runescaper1333 says:

The one he plays at 2:10 sounds familiar. What tune is it?

Kevin Lewis says:

I have a 1937 Kalamazoo KG-14. It was given to my father by a US serviceman after the war, and it came to me in 1985. It needs some work – the lack of a truss rod means the neck has bowed a bit, making the action hard work.

yief84 says:

What a beauty. I love the depression era designs Martin’s 15 series, this one…

Leonard Lucchesi says:

The sound is beautiful… Do you know which strings you were using?

Jason Jobb says:

what the H? I worked @COLLINGS in 90s and this is sooooooo wedding! his car love must be finally costing him! geeee….

marc montebello says:

‘glue globs’ on a $2000 guitar.. seriously?

Jason Jobb says:

cooling and roots in same sentence! probably made of old fencing material….meh

Django67 says:

Looks lovely, but sounds like a cheap beginner’s instrument to me. Nice playing though.


Lush sound. Pretty organic, natural-sounding.

Everett Clunie says:

I want one so bad

Jason Jobb says:

so wrrrrong

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