Cheap VS Expensive Guitar! (Quick Review)

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– Justin ☺


Rye says:

cheap guitar any time lol

Tome Rodrigo says:

I can hear a difference in flamenco and classical guitars but not here at all..They sound exactly the same ugly with those metal strings…no difference 😀

Maid Rondić says:

Can you write chords of song that starts at 0:29 please?

Ranju Gowda says:

why the hell did you donate your kidney and lung for just a guitar you could have earned and bought it

Skate Fun says:

He is good


Why won’t you tell us how much that Taylor costs then?

The Truth says:

dont call 300$ dollars cheap if you cant wipe your ass with it

appa the skybison says:

Patrick I have bought an electric guitar but I’m not really feeling the whole electric thing
should I return it and get a better (electro) acoustic (I already have a hungtington ACOUSTIC $100) or should I get a better electric and amp. ive been playing for a year and cant tell the difference that much between better quality guitars.

kunal chopra says:

ashton d20eqntm or fender cd60ce? please advise

Clayton Delaney says:

“Really cheap guitar – $300” … Mine didn’t even cost $100… I thought he would show us a guitar for $30 or so.


why the Nancy boy painted fingernail?

Terry Masri says:

Good comparison, but I’m sure it would’ve been better if you’d used a professional mic. Cheers!

Ming Yong Zhang says:

Fuck CORT guitar ,Fucking Cheap Korean guitar .

Jason Slash says:

you donated a lung and organ?

Black Sheep says:

da fuck? My guitar was $7 second hand

이런저런 says:

It may sound nice to you Justin, but not to me through your bad microphone 🙂 Doesn’t sound nice at all, not even the Taylor.

theMaddHatter says:

How does he play it soo good with out a pick .But when i do it ,it sound all buzzy,Is it because he has different strings???

Mr X says:

You can buy, a dreadnought guitar like that Cort acoustic in the video (without eletronics undersaddle peizo pickup) between $50.00 to $90.00 USD if you search around the internet. REPLACE the bridge saddle, bridge string pins to synthetic bone like graphtech, and maybe change out the string nut. Guitar setup after that in regards to the truss rod is easy, you can do that yourself. So after say about $150 USD max without an external internal pickup, you’ll have the same sound quality and playablity as that $3,000+ Taylor guitar, guaranteed.

JacobasCool says:

The owner picks the guitar that he is comfortable with no meter cheap or expensive.Always chose whats better for you.

Permetris says:

Are those finger caps? Filthy casual

atrothe says:

Older Yamaha guitars sound great. Much better than Cort and every bit the equal of the Taylor at a fraction of the price. An example would be Any of the Yamaha DW4 range with my favourite being the DW4-S which is just beautiful sounding. Save yourself a bag of money and check out older Yamaha guitars and put a Fishman pickup from China in it. It will knock your socks off with the sound quality.

Meh Meth says:

300$… ok

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