Best Acoustic Guitars: $600 – $1000

We continue with part III of our best acoustic guitars series by price point. Check out the tone, learn about the tonewoods and hear our best case for why these guitars are worth a glance.

1. (0:56) Martin DJR:
2. (2:53) Taylor Koa GS Mini:
3. (5:03) Taylor 150E:
4. (10:10) Martin GPCX2AE:
5. (13:32) Martin GPCPA5:
6. (14:56) Taylor 114ce:
7. (17:25) Fender PM-3:
8. (19:41) Fender PM-2:
9. (23:40) Cordoba GK Studio Negra:
10. (26:58) Martin D15M:

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winterlandboy says:

AHHH Classical Gas on the Cordoba. I havent heard that great song in a long time… nicely played. Lovely sounding guitar.

Zount Master says:

that 12 string is amazing

Mike Jenkins says:

Did not get to hear both Taylor guitars. :/

Vader says:

Hi Chris..what is the name of the song you are playing on the Cordoba ? I have heard it before but can’t recall the name of the artist or the name of the song. Thanks.

Dênis G. says:

Epiphone Hummingbird?

David Serianni says:

Inconsistant sound recordings make these comparison series pointless.

Dominic Dauphin says:

would the prs SE angelus a10e fit in this list or anywhere near the top 10? They got incredible reviews for 599$ guitars..

Daniel W Inlandfarm says:

What is that bass noise ?????Car noise….sad.

BlindTom61 says:

No Eastmans? Eastmans totally blow these junkers away…

Strabbs12345 says:

The mocha gang Martin sounds awesome

Karl Wood says:

Beautiful is a nice word but its a complete selling gimmick a good guitar sells itself via its quality of sound save us the bullshit and give us more of the sound.

the yanks says:

wow that fender sounds like a tin can, like zero bass. thats bad.

Gary Clark says:

What was the model number of the Martin, the first guitar you reviewed ?

Bill Gunning says:

Where are the PRS SE Angelus?

Joanna Morse says:

Not sure I put much stock in reviews that put MDF wood guitars over real wood makes just because the headstock says Taylor or Martin.

Plain View says:

Man, those fenders still sound lika a fartbox.

Remy Dufresne says:

I probably would have mentioned Breedlove and seagull. Excellent video brother; Subscribed!

Mitchell Turner says:

What is your pricing for the Taylor 114ce-N?

Yuizhakii Svelte says:

Martin DRS1 Road Series or Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE? which one would i buy? or any recommendations?

Richelle Noble-Taitua says:

what about cort 🙁

mike collins says:

No Seagull?

Blank Garcia says:

i guess finder is not good in making acoustic guitar… bwahahaha

Russell Wright says:


Garey w says:

Man I hope these guitars sound better in person than they do here

Sascha Lorch says:

You are unable to strumm a guitar, dude its licke butchering a pork!!!

baltic street says:

Given other reviews you’ve done, why did the Big Baby Taylor not make this list? Are the other 10 superior or is the BBT old news?

Robert Granger says:

Sapele guitars like the Martin DSR 1 are solid wood, not laminate.

Adam Harmon says:

riff at 14:25? so sick. I’d love a tab

christopher worth says:

No Eastmans ?!

EncryptedMJ says:

How come the new Yamaha L series isn’t in this list? The LL16RD is an AWESOME guitar that just fits right in with $999. And it looks fabulous too.

Bryan Evinger says:

I’m not sure if this is even necessary, but I thought I would suggest it. When listening to the sound of each guitar it seems that you play primarily the same genre of music. Maybe by doing an overview of each guitar paired with a genre comparison could better break down the sound of each one. What I mean by that is, play a sample of music of varying genres on each guitar so that people who are listening for the sound quality can better relate the instrument to their personal style. Again, I am not an expert and have no idea if that is even notable, but I thought I would suggest it. It’s just seems a bit one dimensional hearing the same tones from each one.

Dev9172 says:

I like all your videos . can you do the Martin drs2 . I love mine . it was just over $ 1000 in Canada.

richard robert says:

Why the you not includ a Seagull guitar.

Gillan McGauley says:

Insert snide remark here… haha thanks for the video

ISIAH559 says:

What about the epiphone masterbuilt

J Turner says:

I like Taylor and Martin, but so many of their guitars creeping up on the $1,000 mark just have superfluous appointments to make them slightly better than the previous model or series, when usually for just another $300 or so more, you could get one of their USA all-solid wood models. If you’re going to going to spend over a thousand, that extra hundred matters less than if you only wanted to spend $500 or $600. Great overview on all of these!

Ben Asher says:

the same chords the whole time

Melissa McGuire says:

I bought the Fender PM3 Limited Triple 0 Adirondack Spruce Top, Rosewood back and sides. Ebony fretboard. It is £1019 lol but its so worth it. I like the deep dark tone that Rosewood gives

Chris Nickerson says:

“between $600-$1000” When that Martin GPCCPA is $2000 at your local music store 🙁

Sean Gross says:

Still no love for Breedlove still smh

Michael Umlauf says:

Much better off spending 800-1000 on a Seagull than a martin
Much better bang for your buck
Martin and Taylors are good but there are other brands out there
A fender was mentioned and not a seagull or a takamine?

yiit xd says:

Never trust a salesman

Blaine Lilly says:

Great video, thanks, this was really helpful. I teach mechanical engineering at a Big Ten university, and I’m impressed with your discussion. Good work, keep it up!

mywave inwoods says:

i really hate the word yousician

Jimmy Haley says:

and where the hell is the best under 1000.00 guitar,,, the Seagull Mariime,, I know,, I bought one and got rid of my Martin D40,,, why???????? because it sounded just as good for 1/3 the price,,, ole USN vet

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