Best Acoustic Guitars: $300 – $600

We wanted to go over our list of 10 best acoustic guitars between $300 – $600. Let’s take a closer look and listen to the construction and value each brings to the table.

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1. (1:18) Cordoba C5:
2. (3:54) Yamaha CG172SF:
3. (5:40) Fender Sonoran:
4. (7:44) Guild Jumbo Junior:
5. (9:31) Martin LX1E:
6. (11:44) Yamaha FG850:
7. (14:06) Guild D-240E:
8. (15:26) Taylor BTe-Koa:
9. (18:50) Ibanez AVN6DTS:
10. (20:38) Ibanez AVD6DTS:

11. (21:59) Guild F-2512E:
12. (23:36) Martin 000X1AE:
13. (25:53) Taylor 114e:
14: (29:40) Taylor GSMINI:

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Jeremy Burnett says:

No ovation guitars

Patrick Scanlan says:

no seagull

Tom Eisenmenger says:

Absolutely great videos, but disappointing that Alamo doesn’t carry Seagull or Takamine and, therefore, do not include these brands in this series of videos.

Red Raven Studios says:

(Post video) Nope. I will say this. The Guilds are good and that Distressed Ibenez Parlor/Dred sounded damn good!

John Schips says:

C’mon dude, you left out the Seagull S6 and didn’t even mention Takamine.
Looks like your pulling what you sell, from stock and having a false competition.

Paul Dreher says:

check out the Dowina GACE , a very good guitar for 500€ hand built in europe

ajaxSilencer NJ says:

Which song did you play at 7:30 to 7:43

omkar mungekar says:

Hello, please help me is epiphone AJ220 SCE good option to buy at this point of time or I have some more good option available now please please help me ‘i prefer sunbust’ please suggest some more guitar

shaun nauhs says:

Two things . Who does a sound test with construction noise blaring through ? Who doesn’t know that all solid wood guitars sound far better than plywood garbage ? The Epiphone Masterbilt DM400 CE is all solid wood spruce top, mahogany back and sides with a cutaway and electronics and easily fits in this price range. They blow any laminate guitar out of the water. Anyone who has played one knows it. The only people who deny it have never played one.

Aaeon Karma says:

I’m very surprised by the Yamaha fg 800 really sounds fantastic right, very surprised

SMSuperstrat says:

That mic is woofing out right over the sound hole

Jonathan Shepard says:

You forgot the Seagull Entourage C6.

John Miller says:

I just picked up an Alvarez AD66 series guitar. It’s all Mahogany, just like the Yamaha. In fact, the look and sound are very similar. So is the price. LOVE IT.

Darius Yang says:

I wish the person trying the guitar knows how to use nails and snap the strings less. It helps the guitar reflect its true sound better

Raul Madrigal says:

what does Westerly mean?

ThePilsenaaa says:

I think the main contender in this category is most definitely Seagull S6 original which will blow away most of the competition .Can you imagine comparing sports racing cars and not include a Ferrari?

Bill T says:

I’m just beginning to learn to play a guitar and have fallen in love with Ovations. I’m told you either love them or hate them. I would like to hear from some of you people who have been playing a while to let me know the pros and cons of this particular guitar series. I would like to know more about guitars before I purchase a more expensive one. Thank you.

Lou Alleluia says:

I have the dangerous benefit of having a guitar Center around the corner from my office, and I ran into that Ibanez parlor guitar. It had that hard to put down quality to it.

Chris Eggleton says:


Doug Schneider says:

I was visiting my daughter in San Antonio in April, I came from Tucson, AZ. Stopped by Alamo music April 27 and you were closed in the middle of the afternoon. There was that festival thing going on maybe you guys closed for that. Oh well next time.

God0Mighty1 says:

The Yamaha 850G mahogany i wanted to hear what it sounded like, and nothing but a blast of shit comes through my speakers.

dave oliver says:

how bout apx 500ii?

Lisa Manning says:

Thanks for these videos. I’m looking for a new guitar. The information you give will help with the search!

gastonjabaly says:

should correct the title into classical guitar

scott gregery says:

What about the Breedlove Pursuit Concert with cedar top and mahogany?  Any comment either way?

Dr. Be says:

some lovely ‘flamenco americano’ there on the yamaha — a little hilarity in an otherwise rather dull video, bravo!

8233Eire says:

Why so much ‘pounding’! Show a bit of ‘touch’ man…a bit of feeling!

Jean Chunga says:

hi. do youhave still the taylor 114e for 600$?

Jonathan Galloway says:

Man that Yamaha FG850 gives me such a musical chub.
Edit: Oh damn Ibanez

JohnBindon says:

Why did you not include a Seagull guitar at all ???!!!

VoidraMusic says:


Jeremy Burnett says:

Which sucks cause I own one and love it

M AZ says:

gotta learn to actually play. also tune the guitars first.

helsinki vantaa spotter says:

I love Guild!

Doug Schneider says:

Thanks Alamo!

Red Raven Studios says:

(Before video) Is there an Epiphone Masterbilt in this line-up?

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