Best Acoustic Guitars: $1000-$2000

We pulled some guitars from 3 of the biggest brands in the acoustic guitar world – Taylor, Martin, and Gibson – to compare the construction, tonewood, and value between the $1000-$2000 range. Let’s take a closer look and listen to a few so y’all can make the best decision when researching your next guitar.

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1. (2:00) Taylor 200 Series:
↳ (4:48) 214ce DLX →
↳ (5:13) 220ce-K DLX →

(5:40) Taylor 300 Series:
↳ (8:35) 314ce-LTD →

2. (9:28) Martin Performing Artist Series:
↳ (11:17) OMCPA4R →
↳ (12:03) GPCPA4 →

(12:49) Martin 15 Series:
↳ (15:37)000-15M →
↳(16:07) Martin DC-15ME →

3. (16:40) Gibson:
↳ (20:45) J-15 →
↳ (21:26) HPRS415NH →

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PickCity1474 says:

I bought a new Gibson J-15 earlier this year and it really is an outstanding guitar. It punches way above its weight class.

Dev9172 says:

The taylor 114 sounds just as good as the 214 . You are just paying for the bling in the 214 . It’s a rip off .

Red Raven Studios says:

Gibson hasn’t been solid since 2002 (quality control issues left and right [bridge lifts and broken headstocks abound] anything Pre-2002 though is very solid) Taylors are Zombies (dead eyes) three 914’s and they all are exactly the same tone. (no luthiers only machine built) Martins are a solid guitars but a bit too tight and too much mids. There are actually studios in Nashville that do NOT allow Martins. (not joking) I go Larrivee. SD-60, L-09 (LV-09), 000-40 cant lose. Its like the positive aspects of Taylor and Martin in one guitar.

ValueOfNothing says:

1,000 bucks for plywood? How does Taylor get away with that? If you play a plain C and G chords, they don’t even sound that great.

re6cts says:

Best guitar I have ever played was a Seagull

RenegadeWicket says:

I’ve finally played a Gibson J45 for the first time after playing a few Martins and Taylors, hands down the best guitar ive ever played although it’s well over $2000 its 100% worth the money.

Tripp Miller says:

Yamaha LL 16 or Eastman E10D both all solid exceptionally made dreads u can get for a little over 1000$. Best guitars for the $ on the market today.

Thiha Kyaw says:

Tone it’s your hand dude !

Joe Wind says:

martin mmv at guitar center.. best value.

Aggelos Mastorakis says:

Seriously? 1200 dollars (taylor214ce dlx) for a laminated back and sides? Ridiculous. Check out Stonebridge/furch, seagull, and faith. These are true values

English Man says:

Play some Zeplin,guy!

samson david says:

Do you have any idea how dull you sound?

ChrisCardenDrums says:

it’s crazy how vastly superior martin is to taylor. taylors sound like a banjo with a stuffy nose

windwizard100 says:

I’d put my Zager 900 up against any one of these three without blinking. All I can say is, “PLAY ONE”. I know you’ll agree

sebastian says:

Quality control in Mexico is probably better than it is in the US. That’s because they have a lot more to lose and therefore take more pride in their work

Noah Winkle says:

Breedlove guitars are what you should really look at guys

paul marler says:

Takamine is my favorite guitar brand. They have a bright sound.

ThoseWhoDare says:

By skipping Sigma, you made your test biased. They is more value for money with Sigma guitars.

Thomas Pletz says:

I wish they would try the zager guitar line best guitar best price and lifetime guarantee not to mention the fishman built in tuners and pre amps…

Doug McQuire says:

What about maton and cole clark nice Australian guitars. Same price range. Jack Johnson plays them

Agustinus Alva says:

Cole Clark Fat Lady please anytime

Kyle Squance says:

You might have missed Guild in your title.

Rob Hardy says:

Sad to see that the Japanese $ is killing their exports, Yairi guitars are the best kept secret in the acoustic world. They’re marketed by Alvarez-Yairi in the US, unbelievable guitar for the money.

Robert Burke III says:

Hey guys you have to watch Taylor my first one was made in America my second one without checking was made in Mexico and a did not have a hard case I had to buy one anyhow if you don’t want best and guitar and play it all the time you better buy a good Martin Taylor’s ring better off the rack but it is something I’m out Martin’s yeah I have had to Martin’s too

Rodolfo Easdale says:

1- Gibson: Compre una Gibson J45 2017 y estoy enamorado de mi guitarra, con mi novia la llamamos la “Colorada”. Es increíble!!. Hay que aplicar buena presión en los dedos para generar un sonido limpio. Tiene muchos graves, un sonido muy robusto, cálido, agudos potentes (no tan brillantes), y excelentes medios. Tal es así que la uso para grabar y practicamente no es necesario grabar ningún otro instrumento.. Altamente recomendable para todo aquel que este interesado en comprar Guitarras de este tipo y tenga dudas sobre cual sonido inclinarse. Guitarra como colchón, ideal para usar al mismo nivel que la voz. Los armónicos que genera son fantásticos. Yo hago pop, blus, funk, melodic…y encaja perfecto.
2- Martin: Probé una Martin D18 y me pareció muy lindo el sonido. Agudos punzantes, fuertes y con buen cuerpo. Medios lindos. Grabes espectaculares. La presión de los dedos debe ser fuerte, similiar o aún mas que Gibson.
3- Taylor: El que busque un sonido mas puro, brillante, fino, delicado. Guitarra por detrás y acompañando a la voz. Ideal para fingerstyle.

Gijsbertus Laurens van de Vooren says:

No Guild?

im58woody says:

Joseph, lots of people actually prefer a satin finish on their guitars, myself included. They feel and sound better to me having owned both types over the years. Gloss instruments do look more attractive though in some cases. I own a Taylor 324 all solid mahagony sunburst finish that is absolutely beautiful looking and sounds great. I had a LR Baggs Anthem installed for great plugged in sound.

raytheprinter says:

Hope to be shopping for a guitar soon,gofundme/Replace guitar after 2 surgeries

craig O. says:

Hey Chris it’s Craig.(Sinker Redwood). Great vid.Really enjoyed.As usual. Have a great Christmas.

matthew booher says:

Oh yeah, more passionate!!!

Jkaterchannel says:

I can’t blame you for presenting what you actually sell but this a pretty useless presentation. Just don’t call it best guitars for that price range as they are arguably some of the worst brand for that kind of money. Yamaha offers possibly the best bang for $1000-2000. Breeedlove, takamine, Seagull, Eastman, and others have better value. Taylor, Martin, Larrivée and the likes are outstanding if money is no object ($4000 and up).

The Devil's Advocate says:

A more passionate acrylic than American acrylic

Angel Morante says:

Is the J-15 all solid wood or just the top? Thanks!

demiquaver1 says:

Although a bit more pricey, OJAI GUITARS are custom made with vibrant sounds and fine details!
Can’t be matched by store guitars.

auramac says:

Hate cutaways.

Keith Freeman says:

Taylor 200 series all day long for under $1500 imo.

Chad Johnson says:

Aren’t Taylors 300 series and below made outside of the US?

im58woody says:

Seagull makes a really nice guitar but I don’t like their neck design. Nothing like a Taylor neck. Gibson’s have always sound nasty in stores when I try them out. The Gibson’s here sound good. Appreciate your videos Alamo!

Gulfcoastbeemer says:

I would go with a Larrivee D40R — all solid wood: rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, ebony bridge, head plate and fingerboard, solid mahogany neck, bone nut and saddle, maple binding, inlay neck and head stock, made in America, specifically Oxnard, California. To my ear the D40R plays and sound as good or better than a Martin HD-28. Yet it’s street priced around $1,500.

Dev9172 says:

And the Taylor 214 is not solid back and sides. For the money you can get a solid wood martin . Give some real info .

Randy Sanders says:

The 1st 3 Taylor links are 404 – NOT FOUND. boo.

Daddy Greenjeanz says:


chet atkins says:

They don’t sound much better than a lot of cheaper guitars nice guitars but incredibly over priced


if i like the sound and playability i will buy it,regardless of what or how is it made………why pay more for better wood or brand name if the sound is not there to please our ears.

Robert Gowdey says:

I have the Martin but sadly haven’t learned to play guitar yet lol D15

Peter Abbey says:

I agree with others here on the Martin MMV. Don’t let the GC Custom tag fool you. It’s a terrific guitar at a very reasonable (IMO) price.

Carlos Casamayor says:

Fender Pamount series, amazing guitars for the price

John Zanger says:

Italian acrylic is more passionate than American acrylic.
That sentence just earned you a new subscriber.

Marc Scordato says:

The Matin Grand performance body is a copy of Taylor’s Grand Auditorium Witch is a copy of the Larrivee L body. I prefers 15 series Martins to there more expensive guitars. 300 series Taylor’s are nearly as nice as there top line guitars at a much lower price. Gibson’s are inconsistent ranging from excellent to awful. Still a nice Gibson is a sweet guitar.

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