Baby Taylor Guitar BT1 Review With YourGuitarSage

In this video I review the Baby Taylor Guitar, AKA BT1 or BT-1. It’s one of my favorite guitars to play because it’s so small. I travel often with it. Intonation is great! Stays in tune great! LOVE this little guitar. For more free lessons and guitar ebooks go to thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

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Thanks again for watching this review on the Baby Taylor Guitar BT1. I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in another video.

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Nick N says:

Thanks for this video, I’m wondering if this is a good beginners guitar? You made it look easy to play, but your a pro.

Célien Bouillon says:

What kind of chords can We use on ?

DailyPiano says:

Increadible review 🙂  thanks – you earned your subscription.
But one question. Is the Baby Taylor BT1 the same as the Baby Taylor 305(-GB) ? I am a bit confused since I found this model while searching the latter.

Hope you can help me out there

keep it up

Dj Daniel- The STRIP CLUB DJ says:


Gary Banaga says:

This or the cort mini? Or the martin baby?

Megan B says:

Dude, I just used your Rehab tutorial from 2009. I am looking into Taylor GS-Mini, and although this is a slightly different guitar, It is still the same idea. When on holiday, I travel via Motorhome and I need a guitar that is small and easily packed away. I’ve been looking at the GS-Mini Koa-E. The guitar you’re using is pretty nice, but the tone isn’t the nicest tone, is it? Do you have any new recommendations for small carry guitars for travelling? My current guitar is a Fender Sonoran and it’s my baby. I’ve had it for 5 years and it’s amazing, minding it’s odd dents (I had a dog that would knock it over in the night, even when it was on a stand).

rjaytje says:

Hi! first of i i love your videos really learned a lot while i was a beginner. Now i got a question. I would really love to get me a baby taylor but cant choose between mahogony or spruce. What do you people think is the best sounding?

Mervin Ho Yen Wey says:

can you drop D with this guitar?

Dave Crawford says:

Thanks for the great review, as usual! Maybe it’s my ears, but the intonation sounded … rough. Like, not in the neighborhood of ok. That’s always been my issue with these guitars.

Morris W says:

I have this same guitar and love it cuz it’s easy to Carry around I put a pick guard on mine I play by stores and flea market here where I live I also play at church I been playing guitar for 19 years and I am 27 now I have a 1963 Washburn dreadnought acoustic guitar and it’s my favorite guitar I even named my 1963 Washburn KC but my Taylor is easy to Carry around and I love my Taylor I named my Taylor ,,baby Taylor cuz it’s a baby Taylor I only paid 50 bucks for it at the flea market here where I live the guy who had it said he bought it for his kids and they don’t take care of it at he said he paid to much just for a kid to play with it had a small hole in the top of the body but I fixed it but I only bought it cuz it was a Taylor and easy to Carry around I love my baby Taylor but my 1963 Washburn dreadnought is my favorite guitar but I do love my baby Taylor and I like some of the small guitars and this baby Taylor sounds very good for being small I don’t think it would sound so good for being small but I actually like the sound of it

Brian Wind says:

I’ve had a Baby Taylor for several years, and I love it. It is a great sounding, tough little guitar that stays in tune and travels well. And it easy to grab and play sitting almost anywhere.

Catalyst Edge says:

Played this guitar at my local shop, sounds nice, im a really big fan of small guitars or ‘parlour’ size guitars. I find dreadnoughts really uncomfortable for me, but the only complaint I have with this is its super super neck heavy, the thing just wants to fall over when you put it on your lap. Nonetheless, great vid. 

yohanes ronald says:

hey, what model number is this? 301?thanks

Jack Pearce says:

I need help.. Epiphone ej200ce or epiphone master built j45 I can’t find one of those from peoria Il to St Louis so I can’t play them. HELP! I guess 600 budget I have taylors now.
The cheaper Martins are trash in my opinion.

Fritz Groszkruger says:

My wife has a full size dreadnought she could use as a life-raft. She could use a smaller guitar to accompany her singing. We have some savings and don’t plan on collecting guitars so we could spend more than this for just the right thing. Is there another guitar to look at with that in mind? Or is this $300 that will beat anything up to $1000 or so? Great review, BTW. Really appreciate it.

Joe Framo says:

I love your freestyle picking on the baby Taylor those chords just go so good together thank you for your presentation and sharing this video you’re awesome

Chuck Jackson says:

Great guitar for kids.  I got my daughter one for Christmas when she was 9 and she loves it. Her instructor can’t believe the sound that comes from such a little guitar.

Joe Framo says:

It has a robust sound and your finger picking so nice is beautiful thank you for the reply and you have a great week God bless

owen jamieson says:

I know the song you played was kids, but did you get the tab from a website?

Don Lessnau says:

This review sounds like a really bad horoscope. Lots of generally, subjective opinion without much specific info about the guitar and its components. There are many, better reviews out there. And is that a new age hairstyle or is this guy sleeping in his car?

Luis Hirschlieb says:

I feel like this guitar was very cheaply made and also very easy to break, so if you get this guitar be careful. Should honestly really be like a 100 – 125 guitar but you’re  paying for taylor name mostly, their full sized guitars sound and are built way better in my opinion. I had this guitar and even the black plastic-y piece that says “taylor” on it began to just come away from the head itself  -> cheaply made. Nothing against taylor and it does have great action but buyer beware for sure on the BT-1 guitar.

Justyn Williams says:

Anybody know any guitars that are around the same size but cheaper

Michael Babakhanov says:

I always thought these were for kids?

Alex Satinsky says:
Harry Dickus says:

Sage you need to go with a GS Mini. Better sounding and good for traveling. Better bang for your buck, one of the best Taylor makes. These Baby Taylor’s don’t sound that great in my opinion….

MGTOW Bombay & Swiss says:

hey man did you ever the the martin lx1?

Jonathan Buck says:

What’s that song called when u did the finger plucking cuz I wanna learn it on mine?? Cuz it sounds really nice

Alex Walkman says:

You’re awesome!

Fallout Assassin 75 says:

I am going to Memphis TN for my birthday, this guitar seems good for travel and it sounds amazing when played.

Lil Salazar says:

Nice review man, but someone can tell what’s the name of the guitar that is in the back, it looks like a 3/4 too in Mahogany with the white stripes. Thanks

sysimustroos says:

I am searching for a small  guitar ( I am smaller than  usual adult ). And even a Fender  with a small  body feels to big ..  …  thanks to  the  songs You played on this  guitar, it sounded really nice… I might buy this one  …or any more suggestions ?

Trabinjin says:

What’s the name of the song you played at 3:22, or is it just improvising?

pablo9364 says:

hate the YOUSICIAN ads. anyone else keep getting them .

Aubrey Coupart says:

2:45 “It’s a neck-through, it’s not bolted on or anything like that”

Filipino Sneakers says:

I was about to get this but i feel like they just too small. Do yall recommend these than other acoustic brand guitar? lmk asap! thanks people.

C Kim says:

Great review, great lessons I’m so thankful to have come across this channel. Keep up the great stuff. Own a mini and it is amazing but I’m grabbing a baby in about six hours and I’m like a kid at Xmas can’t sleep super excited.

Humbucker! says:

Hi, you said it’s neck thru, not bolt on, but I’m pretty sure it’s a bolt on. Are there two screw heads in the fretboard around the 16th feet?
Good demo though, thanks.

billyadams says:

good for recording ?

3Wheel Rider says:

What about nylon strings on one Erich, my son keeps telling me that’s the way to go. This would be my second guitar and the other one is a Sigma full size with steel strings.

Bryan Rosado says:

3:30 Song name???

Kurnia Sandy says:

how the price?

Learn With Levi Dog Training says:

Hope you don’t mind if I ask an almost embarrassingly silly question. What’s the deal with the pickup in this thing? I’ve been playing a Little Martin for a year or so now which I love and I recently scooped up a BT1 off Craigslist. It’s got the input jack but I can’t figure out where the battery compartment is. I can’t see it being a passive pickup but I can’t locate anywhere to change the battery!

YourGuitarSage says:

Hey kids!! Check out my free online course at:

Vit Haj says:

How is the weight balance? Is it heavy in front like a hammer or balanced? What happens if you just let it sit in your lap?

Jonathan Daniel says:

Do you think this is a good main guitar? My full size just broke but I love the smaller guitars! I will also fit it with an amp port

Pascal Frenchie music says:

Cool review! Thanks!

Kate says:

Thanks for the awesome review, sounds great! I also love ‘spay and neuter’ at the end, hilarious! 🙂

Mario Fromadistance says:

Sounds great when your strumming or fingerpicking! good demo! 🙂 LOVE smaller sized acoustics.  Thinking of getting one.  Thanks! 🙂

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