Applause Acoustic Guitar Review

Review of an Applause Acoustic guitar.


Bill Gerety says:

I have an Applause AA14  made in 1977 s/n 101576. Bought it in 1981. New.still looks new and sounds great. New strings last night and wow. I agree with you on the sound,amazing. Thank you for the video…

Robert Middaugh says:

Just bought an AA14 for $50 at a garage sale. All I can say is, “WOW!”

Frank Ponce says:

What kind of pickup your using?? And how can I get one or where ??

MR94RB4 says:


Tbvck says:

Very good video. I also have an Applause AA14-4, whatever the 4 is? I also paid $175 for mine in 1987 with interesting history behind this guitar. I was told that the materials used to manufacture the oval back on both the Ovation and the Applause are the same materials used in building the rotor blades on the US Army Huey UH-1 helicopters I really would like to know if this is true.

MrTom says:

Great video. Kaman Music Corp, who still makes the applause / ovation is a subsidiary of Fender Guitars. For a “full bowl” acoustic guitar with no pickup, they make the Applause AA21 series, I have one in black and like you say in your video, it plays and sound just as well as my other acoustic guitars that are way more expensive. I use a single coil sound hole pickup that I bought for around $30.00 for direct recording.

Sun Feathers says:

where did you get the new rosette by any chance?

Manuel Amador says:

Does anyone know where I can get a bridge saddle for this guitar? Please reply

roger buck says:

I have one just like it. Bought new in 1978 . Sits in my closet. Still never learned to play.

RACHEL ANNE Taylor says:

I have one of these with a shallow back.It’s about 25 years old.They are lovely guitars.

MR94RB4 says:

The guitar

redonKiLaus says:

I don’t think it is better than a Gibson acoustic. I’m sorry if you got that impression.

MR94RB4 says:

Three words: Piece of Shit

Angel Landicho says:

Plastic doesnt age , real 100% wood is the real deal

redonKiLaus says:

My playing, or the guitar? If you are talking about my playing, I can agree. If you are talking about the guitar, it is actually a phenomenal instrument.

redonKiLaus says:

Thanks for watching! I have no idea why Applause did not take the market by storm.

ZootSuitWolf says:

Nice review!!! I had one of these passed down to me by my sister’s ex-boyfriend back in the early 90’s because he graduated to buying an Ovation. I never out grew it. Now I use it as a slide and blues fingering guitar. I love the sound because it’s like a hybrid of a Dreadnought and OOO size body. It’s got the lows of a Dred and the brightness of a OOO or OM. After putting a set of Dean Markley vintage bronze 11’s… I can’t put the bastard down…LOL!!! Thanks for posting this review!!!

Bob Craigmile says:

I’ve got a red one that I bought in a pawn shop in San Jose in 1984 or 85.  They’re durable and bright sounding.  The tuners are kind of bad though.

Taylor riggle says:

mine is a beauty 12 string my dad got it in Japan in 94 great condition it means the world to me more then my guild d-50 Bluegrass lol

Sandi Goddard says:

would you recomend this guitar for someone learning to play?

redonKiLaus says:

It depends on if the frets are worn out. My Applause is a machined neck that cannot be refretted.

Casual Retro Collector says:

i picked up a model similar to that recently and I have to say its a great piece! the intonation is perfect, which for me it was always hard to find a guitar with good intonation

redonKiLaus says:

Thanks for watching!

Eglė Sakalaitė says:

whats the last song you play?

redonKiLaus says:

Sorry, I do not know how to tell what year it is. They were originally made by Kamen Industries for Ovation. I love these guitars.

TheAngieIshmael says:

I love the Ovation Applause! I bought one (AA14) for only $100, with some minor scratches, but that’s it. It has extremely low action, and it stays in tune for the longest time! I am in love, and wouldn’t want to change it [:

Nicholas Robshaw says:

I picked one of these up yesterday in a 3 guitar bundle on eBay with two crappy Strats for approximately $99, with the sole intention of selling all three guitars at a profit. Tonight I re-strung it and from the moment I strummed out the first chord on it, I knew it was a keeper. Incredibly easy to play with a fast neck and an action to die for. Far more playable than my EJ200 and such a bright sound. My apologies to my Wife but, my guitar collection just grew by one.

redonKiLaus says:

I have had mine since 1979, and absolutely love it. I lowered the action and it plays better than any of my Gibson guitars.

MattS3NTM says:

Just found a 12-string Applause at my local pawn shop on saturday, it’s monday and my fingers are bleeding, but i still haven’t put it down. great guitar, and great review!

DarkBot-1138-BlackBicycle says:

you lost me at “keyboard”.

Christine Thomas says:

I enjoyed your review. Thanks! I bought one of these back in 1978-79, it had the sunburst front. I loved it, lent it to my daughter for a college class, I have asked for it back, but I think she loves it too! 🙂

Jamie Hughes says:

Just bought one for £38 🙂

redonKiLaus says:

Excellent beginner guitar if you can find one.

Noobkiller Pro says:

I have a aa-31 applause guitar I don’t know much about it but it has great sound.

Medic_F93 says:

Anybody know where i can find a rosette and pickguard for it? Found one in a goodwill for $10!

llazyiest says:

I like the rosette and pickguard you added.. which made me think why not add a plastic oak leaf rosette to any low end ovation to jazz it up and it’d look more like the old ovations. I always liked that look.

Martin van de Lustgraaf says:

I have one myself for about 30 years now. It is excellent, except for the frets, they are worn out by the steal strings and blurr…. does anyone know how to repair this plastic neck???

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