An Amazing $45 Guitar! (Full Size Acoustic) – Demo / Review

Incredible but true, you can buy a brand new, full size acoustic guitar for less than $50, including tax and shipping! I thought this would be junk but it actually plays and sounds excellent.

Ebay Link Here:

Black one here:

Red Burst here:

I’m also using the Viva Acoustic Soundhole Pickup (separate review on my channel!)


Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


steby123 says:

Ahhh, a camping guitar!!

Misheri Barakat says:

Savannah SGO-16 review it please its look okay in the pictures and the specs really good the price really really good but the quality that I don’t know about and there isn’t any reviews for the guitar

Perihelion77 says:

Music is made by the player/artist, and not the instrument.

This video clearly demonstrates that.

Nevertheless, that guitar is a steal at $45.00. Of course, it will need some set-up.

Jay Crutchfield says:

Another professionally done video. How many years have you been playing?

IV-I-XIV-XIV says:

Are you Julian’s son?

Goldberg 144 says:

Just ordered off eBay. If nothing else I can do a setup and donate it to a kid that can’t afford to buy one.

No Future 68 says:

Will it Djent?

Jacob Coughlin says:

How did you use your mic in your video

74dart man says:

How do they make any profit? Crazy!

Old Dude says:

You mean a $5,000 dollar guitar won’t make me sound like Eddie van Halen?

James Fogg says:

The Firefly 335 copy in red, sunburst and blue is back on Amazon for the same price of $139.91. I just bought the smaller version of the Glarry guitar you are showing here. I ordered the Glarry 40 inch one that is more of a concert sized version of the one you bought. I got it in black because one of the customer reviewers said he thought is looked like the order for these guitars was cancelled before they were totally finished and they were rushed and sold as is with minor finish flaws. Black should hide the flaws. Maybe. I got mine for $40.49 plus $2.94 in tax for the Fresno CA area. Do I get a negative 5 points if I tell you I had Bobby Steele over at my house for Thanksgiving in 1983 and he had just gotten out of a band with Danzig or does it have to be more specific.
It really is great to hear you play over the backing tracks in the beggining of the video and at the end. I love Al DiMieola and I am hearing the same quality of note choices with a relaxed and fluid feel to it. You could do a record with some more variety in styles and it would work well. Very adaptive.

Peyote Pete says:

Thanks Max! Now I gotta buy another guitar!

Luis Lizaola says:

Where I can fine the guitar and the model complete?

Brian Taylor says:

I’m an electric player but I’ve been wanting a beater acoustic for camping and stuff. This is exactly what I’m after! Thanks for the information!

Brad Carr says:

Thanks finally someone really good on here for good cheap gear out there.Id like to see you review the cheap 89 to 99 dollar guitar packs on Amazon and eBay like the BC beginner’s choice,Zeny,Lyzpro,crescent guitars I’ve been looking to start playing at age 51 saw a cheap strat copy pack by beginner’s choice nice cherry sunburnt guitar I’m considering getting .Also would like to see cheap beginner practice amps from 10 to 25 watt under 100 or 150

peter parker says:

Just came upon your detailed review on this very affordable acoustic.

I took the information you provided as well as the comments from those who have been following you and the ones who ended up purchasing this guitar.

I am doing something I have never done before . . . buying a guitar (very inexpensive) sight unseen.

I appreciate the information you share and that you don’t overdo it with comments that have nothing to do with the specific product in mind.

Excellent job, well done!

General Patzer says:

It’s not free shipping. It’s $45 for the guitar plus $59.99 shipping cost. That’s $105.00…save up an extra 50 bucks and buy a Yamaha.

onefatstratcat says:

the natural is sold out.. only the black is available and it looks pretty fugly 🙂

skabootykat says:

guess the natural ones are out of stock.

Paul Wohlstetter says:

do you like Al DiMeola?

roflmows says:

him playing a $45 guitar: angel music
the rest of us playing a $45 guitar: TWANG TWANG TWANNNGGGG SCREEECH

Tom S says:

How’s the action? Was it a pain to tune and set up?

Greg West says:

Guitars are like golf clubs and bowling balls, it is all about who’s playing it..
A musician can make music with a tennis racket.
But, A better tennis racket will make subjectively ‘better’ music.
There is a different appreciation between those that make music and those that just learn to play other people’s arrangments.

A true musician bends even a shitty instrument to his will with micro adjustments and then embraces the buzz or problem exploits it and they are unaware they are doing this.

The unpracticed or superficial practitioner trips on the faulty instrument on the way to the beautiful music.

YB Negative says:

You Sir, are VEINY!

jake zufall says:

This guy is awesome!!!!!..great channel

Nor Man says:

I just subscribed to you!!
I’m number 13824, woohoo!!!!

David Payne says:

how about an e bow like to find more out about then!

Dean Borchert says:

I have bought several. That bridge is bolted on and NOT glued. The two MOP buttons are covering the bolts. That bridge needs glued properly. The brass gear on the tuners is loose. Locktite the screws holding the gears. But, it is a great player.

Jefté Oliver says:

hey can you do a review of this YJM strat?

G says:

When a pack of strings and a setup cost more than the guitar.

Eric Chenier says:

The guitar is 50% off and it’s sold out. Not uncommon to find a full size for $100 . This is click bait

chris casseday says:

I have three!

1972myc says:

Great video, keep it up on the cheap gear. We all need to know this stuff is out there!

nineball26 says:

the best acoustic deal is actually on GFS, man those raised grain acoustics really whale..

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