Alvarez ABT60 Baritone Acoustic Guitar Review

In this guitar review I go over the Alvarez ABT60 Baritone acoustic guitar. Hope you enjoy this guitar review! This is a great acoustic guitar.

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Roy Jiminez says:

Jeffrey Dahmer used real bone in his bridge and his tone was to die for.

James M says:

so you’re telling me… Real Bone is… NOT… real bone?

Nigel Harber says:

Super helpful review. Best one I’ve found on youtube for this guitar. Nice playing as well. Thanks Eric

stiffex says:

Just checked if this guitar is available in Britain & i see that it is at £260 = $409  to £369 = $576 .. I just purchased a Farida m2 ens parlour guitar ( a lovely instrument ) so i cant afford one of these unless i hit the beans on toast diet for a month or so ; it then begs the question : is it worth having my living room smell like a bag of dry roasted peanuts for the sake of a new guitar ?

MrLizardisle says:

Μy baritone guitar is a Tacoma Thunderhawk, for which I paid 1150 euros in 2007. Except for a far-east made and strangely shaped much cheaper baritone guitar I wasn’t very keen about, everything else was much more expensive and difficult to find in my country. This one looks and sounds good though, and the price is very moderate too.

Striving For The Sea says:

This and the Ibanez are great baritones

Watchman4u says:

20 sec in & I Want one 🙂 Sounds GOOD. Tune that baby to an open tuning wow.

slick67cuda says:

No offense… this guitar sounds like crap.

Firebird Sweet says:

ABS => plastic

CDTucker336 says:

Oh no!!! i might have to sell my takamine g series 12 string to get this!!!!

Anthony Miller says:

Those that are bashing the sound, I don’t have an OPINION because I’ve never played it.
It’s hard to base a decision on a video when for one the demonstrator spent most of the video talking and not playing, 2, mic and eq affects sound, and 3 the headphones or speakers used to listen affects how you perceive the sound to be,

Last but not least, taste in tone is a personal preference, nothing more. I played on $1,200 guitars that I didn’t like, and $300 guitars I loved… Tone is a matter of personal taste, nothing more.

Rather than say ” it sounds like shit” how about saying for example ” it doesn’t seem to have as much low end as I like” or ” it’s not bright enough for me, I like my guitars to be low to mid range” as an example…

thank you for reading this if you made it this far…

MrBuc128 says:

Could you use standard tuning on this guitar or is it built only for baritone ?

Ethan Vlogs says:

Is it good for strumming?

Frequency 432 says:

for sure excellent guitar for the money, i got the ABT 60E, has the B-Band SYS650 electronics on it and it has a built in tuner, but for me, its only a 440 tuner and i use 432, so i drew a line on the tuner at 432 but is a little difficult to use that way, strange they dont come with a case, but found a open box jumbo gator case deal online for cheap that works real well, anyway, i have 3 guitars hanging beside of me in arms reach, and i seam to grab this baritone guitar most of the time, it just real fun to play and mess around with, its like the ultimate acoustic unplugged bass that also does loe kottke toned style guitar, and ry cooder with a slide, its a really fun guitar to play!, actually, now i know why the 7 string guitar was made, that missing high string sound takes some getting used to when playing a full chord, i actually been thinking of trying to turn one into a baritone 12 string, lol, but the neck doesn’t look quite wide enough, anyway, im so glad i got this guitar,

John Davis says:

You’ve given me an idea… I’m contacting the Alvarez Guitar company to see if they’d be interested in trading one of these beauties for first-rights to my skeleton upon my exit from this mortal body!  😉

The lack of a ® or ™ symbol after the “Real Bone” description (on other retailer sites) suggests that the nut and saddle are, in fact, natural products.  In my mind (which is a terrible thing to taste), this is the wiser choice over a man-made petroleum-based product or highly-processed wood product and actually works toward being “good stewards” of this planet.

It also seems that the sides and back are a mahogany laminate.  This is fine with me since it helps to decrease the cost of the instrument while actually increasing strength and moisture resistance.

Yes, ABS is a plastic…

Thanks for the review, Erich!

matthewisonline says:

What was the intro song and do you have a tutorial for it?:3

J. Cloyd says:

I appreciate your message about being kind towards animals.

Foxxy Gear Reviews says:

Just ordered one. Thanks for the review.

richie falise says:

this guitar is junk.tone is like any other 3 to 500 guitar.

Michael Glover says:

I’m glad I found your review! I’m looking to add a baritone electric-acoustic to my collection and I wanted to see a demo from someone whose opinion I trust. I’m thinking this will add some tonal depth to my new acoustic punk band project! Thanks again for all the lessons and inspiration!

Bob Lewis says:

I bought one a month ago. Expected an ok experience. Had a Taylor baritone for about $1600 that I got rid of. This guitar blew me away. Playability fantastic and surprisingly well balanced. No setup needed. I haven’t played anything else since it arrived. Great value.

Joe Monroe says:

Does this need longer than std strings?

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