7 Cheap Acoustic Guitars That Don’t Suck – Big Sounds, Small Prices

Dagan plays us through 7 cheap acoustic guitars that prove you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great sounding guitar.

Guitars used:

1:39 – Washburn WLD10S Acoustic Guitar Natural: http://bit.ly/Washburn-WLD10S

4:13 – Tanglewood Crossroads TWCR O: http://bit.ly/twcroCrossroads

7:23 – Eastcoast SA20D Acoustic Dreadnought, Natural: http://bit.ly/2Hekvqt N.B. (incorrectly titled in video)

9:31 – Fender Malibu Player Candy Apple Red: http://bit.ly/FenderMalibu

12:42 – Epiphone Pro-1 Acoustic Guitar Natural: http://bit.ly/epippro1

15:32 – Yamaha APX500 MK3 Electro Acoustic Guitar Black: http://bit.ly/YamAPX

18:36 – Fender CD-60SCE Electro Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany: http://bit.ly/CD60Mahog

Dagan is recording all these cheap acoustic guitars with the Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone: http://bit.ly/Aston-Spirit

In this video, Dagan takes a close up look at some of the best cheap acoustic guitars that actually sound really good! These cheap acoustic guitars prove that you can still get expert craftmanship, beautiful playability and a great sound without breaking the bank.

These beautifully designed cheap acoustic guitars range from under £100 to just below £300, opening up a world of tone for guitarists of all levels. Thanks to their budget friendly price point, they are entirely affordable for all players and make great gift ideas for beginners or guitarists looking to expand their collection. Don’t be fooled by the low price tag though – these are perfect for professionals offering extraordinary tone and an enjoyable playing experience straight out of the box.

These are the best cheap acoustic guitars that certainly do not suck from the likes of Yamaha, Epiphone, the new Fender California series, Tanglewood and more.

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Pixouni says:

The 1st one is my favorite

Hans Adriel Gabriel says:

Is the Tanglewood one available in the Phils or do I have to ship it?

gmscurto says:

Another fine video, but feel you should layout what your definition of “cheap” is. For me, I’d say about $200 USD or less.

In looking up the Fender Malibu on Muscians Friend it was listed at $399 USD – that ain’t cheap.

Anyway, just a suggestion, a line off the top just saying the price range would be helpful. Thank you.

Peter Sage says:

I’ve heard hundreds of Yamaha instruments over the past 30 years and I’ve come to a shocking realization: Yamaha does not know how to suck, EVAR.

By the way, 17:25 it’s exactly what Dagan thinks it is – the same mineral that makes kidney stones. No wuckers cobber; many of your higher end guitars are held together with hide glue, and you don’t hear a whole lot of players complaining about that.

Dom says:

very shocked to hear the white stripes in the beginning

Steve Edinger says:

while these appear great for beginners.. don’t fool yourself… they all suck, that is why you can’t tell ones worse then the others.

Eric Morrison says:

and what about Oscar Schmidt ???

themainmanontheblock says:

Great video. Torn between yamaha apx and fender cd 60….. ugggghhhh

Ian King says:

I love Washburn, I bought one in a store for 89$ and it sounds good

Larry Franklin says:

He never tried an Ibanez.

dylan _ says:

I’ve got the tanglewood crossroads and it’s great


Ronnie Barker

Bryan Alcala says:

I’m a Washburn acoustic guitar owner myself I own a Washburn ad5k acoustic guitar

Ayame Ichimonji says:

Hey Dagan. Jist wanted to let you know that I love watching your videos. You’re an inspiration!❤

Taco fan says:

Nice John mayer tunes

I am kind of a dick says:

Thanks for this video. With a crappy guitar, I don’t know what to do with my self

ASSMAN says:

Thank you so much for your video. I bought the Fender CD60SCE and it is amazing. Thanks so much for your help.

Morgan says:

i`d prefer a guitar that sucked and i`d probably kick the mrs out if she stopped cooking and cleaning

NathTHFC1234 says:

Does anyone know the name of the song at 7:23??

The Lowmein says:

This is the worst guy to get to sell guitars. This is like getting Rembrandt to teach kids to color lol, sounds like a good idea but he’s so good that it’s intimidating lol. Like I want to turn my guitars into coffee tables now lol.

isaacfarted says:

What about the Ibanez Talman acoustic?
I’m just being biased because I use my Talman in the videos I post on my channel lol

Joshua Frazer says:

I have a washburn wd10s and the fender cd60sce along with a squier telecaster classic 50s vibe butterscotch blonde and a washburn win14 les paul

Amal Satheesh says:

Bro Thankyou for posting this.I was really in search for a cheap Acoustic that sounds great.After watching this vid I guess I’ve come to an end.

Papa Smerf says:

Ibanez PC12MH ?

Scott Osborne says:

Washburn are seriously underrated

70selvisfan says:

I loved your “G” chord on the Fender CD60SCE, but I can’t help but wonder what a boom you would feel with an “E” instead? 🙂  Gonna have to try it out for myself!  Great info!


What was he playing at 5:58

LoresoftheNorth says:

I bought the original version of Yamaha APX500 15 yrs ago from UK. Since then, I have been frequenting shops and trying out everything from $3000 Taylors to Takamine’s and everything in between. But every time I come back and pickup the APX, I realize why I liked it in the first place and still use it extensively. Its my fav guitar in the world. Great video and selection.

Tim Foley says:

What can you get for a hundred squids anyway!

Ian Gonzalez says:

With summer coming up, why not 10 travel guitars that don’t SUCK!

Lalairu says:

Could you demo the Tanglewood Union Folk please?

Propane and propane accessories says:

Yamaha will always be best bang for your buck In the 300 dollar range

Philip Deppen says:

I really love the punchy barky tone of my cort gold d6 all solid wood torrefied top Grover tuners with case for 499. None of these guitars in video have warmth and punch really no depth all bright and trebly.

Corentin LAMY LEFORT says:

Don’t you cryyyyyy toniiight

Tyler Paris says:

I love the jack white at the beginning

Burp eat says:

Great help I tried three of theses and bought a washburn

trey azagathooth says:

I think the only decent one is the the last Fender cd-60

Yoshiki G says:

That £4649 semi acoustic guitar at the side hanging though =_=

Ahmad Faris Mouzayek says:

What about the fender squire sa-105?

MrUzzynator says:

Ended up getting the Washburn at my local PMT! Love it! Great video, thanks.

Wot Mate says:

I have a Raimundo Mod. 104-M for 7 year’s now, but I can’t find it anywhere for year’s on internet. Can somebody help me out?

hellzz85 says:

Epiphone pro1 is my first ever guitar, I do like the neck but keeping the thing in tune is a pain

Kamarien Edwards says:

What song is the 14:45

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