$5000,- VS $150,- guitar | Sound Comparison | Martin D-42 |

Join me in Pt. 2: A blind listening test! https://youtu.be/aSbyIBrQzgo

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I am comparing a Martin D-42 to a Motion TD-107.

Both guitars are miced exactly the same way:
Same distance to the mic; same angle to the neck; same height, same room temperature; same humidity; same dude playing the songs; same gain on the pre-amp; same output level of the track used in the DAW, same swea… OOPS, DIFFERENT SWEATER!11!!

What do you listen to when testing guitars? What are the differences in sound? Close your eyes, and give it a test!

***Preferably listen to it on decent speakers, or headphones***

John Mayer – Who Says
Beatles – Here Comes The Sun
Bluegrass lick
Ed Sheeran – I See Fire
Avicii – Wake me Up
Coldplay – Fix You


Bob Smith says:

Martin, is so much crisper and better tone!

Trevor Graham Welch says:

No Difference. Now a days a Chinese Stratocaster is just as good as a Fender USA !!!

Benjie torga says:

they are both nice but for me martin was the best, it sound very smooth

Leandro itapolis says:

The Martin seems to have a natural compression…and sounds far more brightly…

Robin Bebbington says:

During the first piece I preferred the Motion but then switched over to the Martin. But I had to go back to the start to check which guitar was what. I wish he had simply recorded clean with no compression and reverb. Personally I play a classical guitar but am looking at a steel string to get the sound I want. I just didn’t realise all the tonal differences when I bought it a few years back and only recently really started learning. I think the $500 mark is about right for me as it should play ok and my playing will be the blocker. When I improve then I may look again.

Anthony DiNovo says:

That Martin sounds nice, but it doesnt smell as good as three thousand dollars in new bills.

Sky-Valo says:

IMO, once you go past $2000 you’re just throwing money away…unless it’s worth it to you of course.

Michael Seery says:

Wow! I am basically a aural sommelier for a living. One of my most important jobs is making violins sound as good as they can. It is like night and day listening to these two guitars. I have no vested interest in either of these instruments, in fact in general I haven’t cared too much for the Martin guitars I have heard. One thing I can tell many people who might watch a video like this is that when spending more money on any instrument it becomes more and more about nuance and subtlety. It is ridiculous to think that any guitar can sound five times better than another guitar when talking about generally well made instruments. The Martin definitely wins hands down in every category in this test. It absolutely has more clarity, more complex overtone structure, better blend from high to low, and more character. It costs much more because it is much more refined. That refinement isn’t for everyone and the less expensive guitar sounds pretty good for the price.

ringo’s grandkid says:

you can tell the peavy is the cheap one cause it’s a peavy

Charles Waldon says:

Martin sounds better

vince tablada says:

Wow.. I like guitars hoping someday i have one of those things

Samy Belaid says:

What is the song in 2:03? Please

Ivan Hulk Cabrido says:

@5:44 Those are great chords for the song “Fix You”

Jordan Brazinski says:

I’ve played cheap acoustics, and I’ve played expensive Martin’s. Martin’s are nice, but sound aside, what you’re paying for is playability. I can tell he’s fighting the cheaper guitar to get the desired sound, which takes more work and more effort.

Thành Trần says:

I can make the $5000 sounds like $150 ._.

Vulcan says:

didn’t hear $5000  dif

Jakub says:

Im wandering how many people could tell the difference without looking.

Eary Dragons says:

the shape reminds me of a pear

Jack Star says:

Please do a tutorial on how to play fix you!!

Thomas Pick says:

The Martin sounded better, but the cheap guitar was not too bad. I hate that first style you played, where you slap the guitar to make a beat. Many players I hear do this, and I hate it. Let the audience tap their foot to the beat in your music, but do not do it for them with that very annoying slapping on the guitar.

GES says:

Huge difference and Im not a very good player

Aaron Josias García Hernández says:

No sabía que el capitán América tocaba la guitarra que shido

Paul Davids says:

Check out this $150 vs $3500 electric guitar comparison: Fender Custom Shop USA vs Squier strat CHINA. Can you hear the difference?

ROHAN shakya says:

It sounds same !!

azem badr says:

Martin is best

Biggaboy draws says:

Awesome video dude! Love the editing skills!

Noah Boutilier says:

QWhat was the song you played on capo 6?

מועדפת - פשוט למצוא עבודה says:

The discussion reminds me of the joke: Why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can! If you could spare the cash get the Martin. You won’t regret it.

Avinash Horo says:

i think d-42 is best

kan wtf says:

Motion is better

Brancu Cristi says:

What is the tune at 4:40 please Paul?

Trevor Graham Welch says:

Which guy is Paul and which one is David ?

Black Cock Down says:


bob marley says:

yeah it is nice kind a sound both of them , not much diffrence the warmt is a bit cleaner on the martin, the other is the roots wher it start yknow indeed respect for that but love for music multiplies for much varieties haha but good job nice style keep going ur a star in coming! 😉

dama rayb says:

The guy on the left is clearly the better looking.

Lianovich CCH says:

I will pay 150 for the Martin which sounds exactly like the other

Emmanuel Akena says:

What’s the last song? Sounds so familiar but I can’t seem to get it.

Ronald Reagan says:

I see fire

anonoymous x says:

5:45 whats the tuning please?

Anthony Moon says:

Great job, great video…thanx for taking the time to make it. I’m sure ur students know how lucky they are….

Sam Assous says:

Why am i watching this, don’t even play the guitar…

Jake Gerovac says:

Martin every day of the week and twice on sunday

David Savedra says:

the differance doesn’t come close to justifying the cost. I have a $99.00 electric guitar from Walmart I have been fine tuning & it sounds good.

Person OneThousand says:

At least by what I can tell by the video (and that might make a considerable difference), there’s no fucking way that the Martin sounds $4,850 better than the other one. It does sound “richer” to some extent, and it sounds considerably better for soloing, but I honestly preferred the brighter sound of the cheaper guitar for full-out strumming (again, at least from what I can tell from the video).

USA4thewin says:

damn good guitar for 150 sounds ok ,,but cant compare it

HarlekinGER says:

Would have been better to compare them with a standalone mic. Picup quality isn’t necessarily the same as the acoustic capability.

Ray Clark says:

A really fair comparison would have been between 2 instruments with the same wood. The rosewood is going to sound more mellow and the mahogany brighter.

bob murray says:

Great tone relies on a guitar that stays in tune. The rest is in the hands.

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