2019’s Top 10 Guitar Reviews from 2018 – Electric and Acoustic

How’s that for a confusing title? We compiled our top 10 reviews from 2018 and sammiched them into a long form video that’s chock full o’ information and sounds! Last year’s output was a record year for our production team, and McChris wanted to share some of his favorites, so here they are! Electrics, acoustics and electric/acoustics are all covered here. Taylor, Guild, Gibson, Martin, Fender, and more can be seen and heard in this video, so sit back and take them all in. Play A Note, Change Your Life!
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Shatto says:

Funny the *choice* of words he used on that blue *Best Choice* guitar. We have the exact same one lol

Jose Gabriel Apostol says:

There’s my baby. The DR400. Haha

eodchop says:

Chris, love ya man, but you gotta stop pimping Taylor’s 4 to 1 against Martins, Gibsons etc.

Seantube says:

18:06 lol

Don Adolfo says:

Great overview and very revealing comparisons – bravo!

Mark Staggs says:

That 614 is the greatest guitar I’ve ever heard beautiful

Cameron Gaylor says:

My fav was the Ovation video

Vince McK says:

I’ve compared at length the X brace to V bracing in 3 different stores. IMO the V sucks the life out of the Taylor sound. It projects more but in trying to control the top they killed too many harmonics and overtones.

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