2018 Best Acoustic Guitars For $300 to $649 – Buyer’s Guide And Comparison

We wanted to revisit another popular video of ours and look at a few of our favorite acoustic guitars for 2018. These fall in the $300-$649 price range, and while all distinctly different from one another, they all play and sound amazing! In this round, Chris Mckee is going to discuss and play guitars from: Gretsch, Ovation, Ibanez, Fender, Seagull, Takamine, Yamaha, Taylor, and Epiphone… it’s quite the comparison. As the aesthetic, build, and sound vary from instrument to instrument, AMC would really like to hear some constructive feedback from our loyal audience, and find out what YOU, the viewer likes and dislikes about each guitar. Play A Note, Change Your Life!

Greatch G9531 → https://www.alamomusic.com/gretsch-g9531-style-3-double-0-grand-concert-acoustic-guitar-appalachia-cloudburst/

Ovation C2 24-1 → https://www.alamomusic.com/ovation-celebrity-standard-acoustic-electric-mid-depth-bowl-sunburst/

Ibanez AC340 → https://www.alamomusic.com/ibanez-ac340-acoustic-guitar-with-solid-mahogany-top-open-pore-natural/

Fender Newporter Player → https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-newporter-player-champagne/

Seagull S6 → https://www.alamomusic.com/seagull-guitars-s6-original-natural-cedar-cherry/

Yamaha A1R → https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-a1r-acoustic-electric-guitar-vintage-natural/

Taylor GS Mini → https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-gs-mini-e-walnut-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural-serial-2108208471/

Yamaha FS-TA → https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-fstavt-fs-ta-transacoustic-vintage-tint/

Taylor Academy 12e → https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-academy-12e-acoustic-electric-guitar/

Epiphone Masterbuilt DR-400MCE →https://www.alamomusic.com/epiphone-masterbilt-dr-400mce-faded-cherry-sunburst/?ctk=e9dddfc9-a257-42cd-97ec-2d3c6e29abf1

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Jack Collinson says:

Takamine EG460SC is the best guitar i’ve ever played! Definitely should be on this list at around $450


This ibanez is the AVC9, not the AC340 :/
nice comparaison 🙂

Amado David Dimal says:

the piece to test the guitars should have 2 aspects. One emphasizing the bass and one
with an emphasis on the lower strings (treble)….and the same piece should be used for every guitar…

Augustini Diaz says:

The bass on the Taylor sounds mushy compared to the bright treble strings. To me, the Yamaha has the most balanced sound. But… to each his own.

Makz C9 says:

Just got a Seagull S6 Original Slim, does not disappoint!! Beautiful guitar and sound for the price.

loloy baloloy says:

dude youre making me wish i win the lotto so i can own each and every one of those guitar. they all look beautiful

Stephen Willis says:

One word: Breedlove

Thomas says:

No Martin?!

John Silvester says:

The Seagull’s are made in Quebec Canada, not China as with some others, benefits are northern manufacturer guitars are less subject to humidity changes due to area of manufacture. I have a Yamaha LL16 which I love but Seagulls are great also.

Scott Summers says:

Ovations are coming back…I’m glad I kept mine…!!!

Kenneth McCowen says:

Alvarez md60bg is a great affordable guitar

The Dude says:

played for 45 years love the Tak. in this lower price category, ive played it – well most all of the guitars shown. – everyone has a different ear and its smart to get a guitar closer to your voice, i am baritone so i play a Martin d15 full mahogany deeper lower rounder tones and a Merida fluted hole top full cypress with mahogany inlay. – but decades ago, someone asked BB King “what is the best guitar?” and he said ” the one you never want to put down!”

Louise Jose says:


Eric Williams says:

Martin HPL especially the rosewood HPL is the best bang for the buck by far hands down. Go strum one or YouTube someone playing it.

Walter Kasper says:

Thanks for the sound explanation can not tell on phone speakers

Chris says:

God I want to like Ovations because of the design, but I just hate how they sound :/

Jeff Nauman says:

I agree with your assessment of the Epiphone. I have the Epiphone DR500MCE. Same great solid wood build but with upgraded electronics. This is vintage guitar performance at a very reasonable price. I hardly pick up my other guitars anymore. The solid construction makes a huge difference in depth of sound and sustain. When I first held one while I was shopping, the heft of the solid wood was surprising. I believe I got a great guitar at a great price. I’m glad these manufacturers keep the average person, living on an average salary, in mind when they plan their product line.

arqjmg says:

A US$599 is not a $500 guitar but a $600. The cheaper is not a $300 but a $400 (399).

Walter Kasper says:

Like that cedar top sound

LittleDragon03 says:

I own the beautiful black takamine. I freaking love it too. Sounds and feels great. I want that mini Taylor. Gonna get it soon.

Shambhavi Yamgar says:

Hey your videos are best. I want to buy a new guitar in 3 days I want to know which guitar would last me long in my journey. Cause my last guitar, it was basic, very basic guitar from Yamaha got broken in 2 years. I want acoustic electric guitar for playing fingerstyle and of $300, here in India

Andrew Walsh says:

I have been trying to teach myself to play for going on 3 years now & I just want to say I really enjoy these videos you do summarizing the various guitars available at a certain price point. You do such a great job on these & have helped me identify the numerous models I should be looking at. You also make all the guitars sound great w/ your skill & playing style. Thumbs down on the comment that you should play the very same song on all guitars, boo to that. That is done elsewhere for people looking for that. It’s obvoius you do some diligence to choose a playing style for each guitar along w/ a tune that highlights that particular guitars strengths. I like that so keep up the good work & thanks again!

Chris Rosenkrantz says:

Thank you for the great review

Jóhannes Bjarki Sigurðsson says:

Hi Chris. As a guitar noob I’m looking at some guitars in this pricerange. I just started playing less than 3 months ago and I have a Fender CD60 CE but when I get better I’d like a better guitar. I’ve been checking out the FG TA and the A1R. Any advice on which I should go for? Others are more than welcome to share their knowledge ☺.

Roger Cabrera Zafra says:

Could you do the same with nylon strings guitar please ?

James Moffatt says:

Sigma FM SG 45…

Jose Gabriel Apostol says:

As much as I love a good Taylor, that DR400 is a steal for any acoustic guitarist. You may as well be giving the damn thing away at this point. Although I think one of Fender’s Redondo guitars are also all solid wood for roughly the same price. Do check that out.

DrummerlovesBookworm says:

So enjoyable to watch. I think your playing makes most everything sound awesome.

Deondre Williams says:

I would like to start playing what would you reccomend for a beginner like myself? I wouldn’t mind paying $300-$500 I think it’ll be a good investment

James Moffatt says:

Correction: JM SG 45…

Michael Flood says:

Alvarez MDA66shb

E. Gamauf says:

Gretsch Looks & Sounds good. LOW-fi sound needs better description. How’s quality control consistency, where is the Gretsch built?
Again. NOT a parlor guitar unless you appropriate the name for any 00 or slightly smaller guitar.

arzel alvarado says:

No mas tranza

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