$175 VS $4,000 acoustic guitar

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In my opinion, the orangewood held up very well. It felt great to play, maybe even a little softer on the fingers than the Taylor (straight out of the box). I enjoyed the brightness the cheaper acoustic had, however I felt the Taylor had more mid/low body to it. These were the only differences I found other than the fact that the Taylor allows for DI recording and has bass/mid/treble controls on the guitar itself. No post EQ or effects were added other than compression to level out the volume. The compression was also exactly the same on both guitars.


josh schneider says:

The Orangewood guitar sounds very thin. Good price point though. Yamaha is the best brand in my opinion making laminated guitars. The Orangewood sounds brittle. The Taylor sounds better but it doesn’t blow me away by any means. If I were a beginner I would get the Orangewood because their dirt cheap. Most beginners are going to hear the subtleties anyway.

Death Mark says:

I can buy like 4 Syn Gates guitars in that price

Nikos Lpp says:

I am with the orangewood one

caesar09 says:

what I hate about cheap acoustics, is how trebly they sound,. I hate it so much. same thing here.
scales breh? cmon man

John Perez says:

I wasn’t paying attention to which guitar was which and I thought that the Taylor was the cheap guitar

Beyin Donduran says:

ıts not about the price guıtar its about to who playing guıtar

Brass Lion says:

the taylor sounds sharper

tybo1791 says:

I think they both sounded really good. I think the tonal differences could definitely be attributed in part to the different guitar style/shape. I would’ve preferred a grand auditorium orangewood or a dreadnought Taylor(I may be an idiot and Taylor might not make one don’t murder me please). But otherwise I think the orangewood held up remarkably!

RȺŦȺ ʂΞƆΛ says:

The Orangewood do not sounds good, sounds *Perfect*

conner cady says:

Yes Taylor better

Marc Lagos says:

I like the sound from taylor

Rick Biessman says:

In this recording I prefer the sound of the Orangewood which is funny because I’m quite a Taylor fanboy. That said I found the compression really distracting, especially on the soft strumming parts. I think it would have been better to leave it natural and simply adjust the gains accordingly.

uma Sarma says:

Both are bad

Fred Lim says:

Nice video. I’ve played Orangewood. Not bad at all for your budget guitar. Definitely playable, comes with a pick-up…you can’t possibly ask more for your bucks. As for that Taylor, yes, I would pay more for the sheer sexiness of that guitar. But, if I had $4000 I could think of dozen other luthiers before I consider Taylor. Don’t get me wrong. I like Taylors. I own a 510e but please do yourselves a favor and check out other guitars before you spend 4Gs. Goodall, Santa Cruz, Collings first come to mind besides Martin and Taylor.

sgt.pepper lonelyhearts says:

I say invest in some high quality strings and a decent guitar between the 200-300 range. That’s what i did haha.

Evan Rey says:

Mic placement certainly isn’t ideal

S.A.B. Solaiman Ali says:

Is it possible to get a good electric guitar with USD 600. Can anyone suggest any model. Thanks…

Anjali Sharma says:

Almost similar

こーたまん。 says:


Tony Cuccia says:

The Taylor one sounds too mainstream

Maor Levi says:


Stephen is Not a Dog says:

The orangewood just sounded a bit dull it also had some serious fret buzz. It still held up very well for the price. The taylor however was simply beautiful its mid tones were exquisite and it had a very rich full sound. I personally would, for the price get a yamaha FG700S for around $250 it has a great full and rich tone.

Jacob Parker says:

The Taylor was really quiet and expressed less tone

Reyko says:

Maybe I deaf, but I like orangewood. She is richer in low frequencies. Taylor also have a good sound. This guitar for an amateur. Sorry, I bad speak English))). And it is difficult to express an opinion.

José Vasco Branco Francisco says:

Orange Wood is better

Josh Moran says:

i think the orangewood sounds betterfor strumming chords and the taylor sounds better for the fingerpicking but i cant decide which one is better

TheRed CelticBlessing says:

Orangewood sound better

juan villa says:

Yea, same shit, dont worth the price

Sebastian Harris says:

I like the cheep one

rdubby says:

Check out Indiana acoustics

张烨 says:


that fit Asian says:

You didn’t do finger picking

ASF Entertainment says:

I actually like the orange wood better

Hannibal King 93 says:

Well the difference is not that big between the two guitars but the price is So I would prefer the cheaper one because as I say we are not all Professional guitarists and musicians

Edward Restor says:

What orangewood model is this? Is this the Austen?

Pøtatø Madness says:

Hahah when your guitar costes less then 50 Dollar (995 PHP )

Robert Jennings says:

You actually just sold me on an orange wood guitar it sounds great and I like the twang

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