10 Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners 2017

The 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Series is back with a list of beginner guitars! We take a closer look at an array of models from 2016 – 2017 to showcase playability, tone, value and what makes them most ideal for guitarists just starting out. (Chris accidentally mistakes macassar for rosewood during #8. Doh!)

1. (3:10) Fender CC-60SCE: https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-cc-60sce-concert-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
2. (5:54) Yamaha FS830: https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-fs830-small-body-acoustic-guitar-natural/
3. (7:25) Yamaha FG850: https://www.alamomusic.com/yamaha-fg850-mahogany-dreadnought-acoustic-guitar-natural/
4. (9:30) Fender CD-140SCE: https://www.alamomusic.com/fender-classic-design-series-cd-140sce-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
5. (12:21) Guild D-240E: https://www.alamomusic.com/guild-westerly-collection-d-240e-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
6. (14:23) Epiphone Inspired by 1964 Texan: Coming Soon!
7. (17:48) Martin DJR2E: https://www.alamomusic.com/martin-djr2e-sapele-acoustic-electric-junior-guitar/
8. (20:48) Martin DX1RAE: https://www.alamomusic.com/martin-x-series-dreadnought-spruce-rosewood-acoustic-electric/
9. (25:24) Taylor A10e: https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-academy-series-a10e-dreadnought-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/
10. (28:27) Taylor 114e Walnut: https://www.alamomusic.com/taylor-114e-grand-auditorium-acoustic-electric-guitar-natural/

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Ya boi nick says:

The fender cc’s and cd’s are awesome i got the all mahogany cd60ce and i love it

Patrik Wilding says:

when you’re a cheapass and you want a guitar that is about 50 dollars

Derek Schneider says:

I’ve been playing guitar for 7 years and I’m actually about to buy the Guild d240e. Honestly I think this guitar sounds absolutely fantastic and is affordable. Very excited to get it.

joe doe says:

You certainly are the salesman. Every guitar in the store is the greatest guitar ever built by the time you get through talking about it. Most of them sound the same to me, except for the Epiphone being obviously different.
What is a slope-shouldered guitar? What is a shadow pickup system? Is sapele a type of wood? Never heard of it. And macaser? HPL? Where are the first Martin volume and tone controls located? How does a 1/16th inch wider neck make finger picking easier? That’s 1/80th of an inch farther apart for each string? Don’t you have to re-learn left hand finger positions when the frets are closer together if you learned on a different guitar? (Taylor)

Deorman Robey says:

Nothing wrong with these if you’re sure you (or your kid) is going to stick with it. If not, there’s a number of playable 99-150 guitars out there for the financially challenged.

Richards Guitars says:

Fender acoustics are made by Cort so anyone looking at Fender should by a Cort and save some money.

S7IETE x says:

Can you make a review top 10 guitars under 2k? Please

Hammerin' Hank says:

Good God I hate Fender acoustic guitars. Bought one for $400 back in the mid-80’s. Within a couple months the fretboard’s black paint was coming off, the bridgepins were worn out already, and the tuners on it were crap. I’ll never buy another.

honeybobo i have a large cocko says:

if you’re paying over 200 – 700 dollars for a guitar as a beginner you’re fucking retarded

Gold says:

299 very expensive for me

D Sinha says:

Loved the descriptions and fun playing. Great job!

Hammerin' Hank says:

Never liked Guild.

Studio_Alley 0o0 says:

I came to look for something cheap .-.

TreeTrout says:

sorry, Bud… I love the play-ability of the FG’s but your demos sound like they’re being played through a blown bass speaker. Everything you say about the Yamaha is true but… better production does a lot.

Андрей Ильин says:

video shit

Christian Sánchez says:

I like Yamaha

Daddski 1 says:

Well, the guitars sound nice but friend, You are doing this for NEW BEGINNERS. That means, if like everyone I know that begins…… they are strapped for cash and unsure of whether they really want to make a heavy investment into a guitar.
The first two are ok but from there you go up a hundred dollars or more every guitar. This means they aren’t good for beginners. I am 50 something now. Started out playing in 1968. I rarely meet new players with more than a hundred to two hundred to spend. THere are many awesome guitars out there for this price and the used market makes some of yours affordable later on. So… next time you do a video for beginners maybe remember your mama getting you your first at 50 dollars. Ibanez and fender, as well as luna, make some great real beginners with pickups for 130 to 170 dollars. You might be surprised how many more you would sell as a chain if you actually thought through where a beginner is at financially.

Hammerin' Hank says:

Fender makes garbage acoustics in my experience. I bought a Fender California Series acoustic in 1985 for about $400 (a lot at the time) and within 3 months the fretboard’s black paint had rubbed off, the cheap plastic bridge pins were unusable, and the damned thing went out of tune constantly. Hated Fender ever since.

Richards Guitars says:

Martin guitars are totally over priced mass produced guitars. The x series are appauling.

Phoenix says:

No Yamaha FJX730SC?

Comment Down Below or Like it.

Rapidpow says:

Which one should i buy ?
Fender cd 140 sce Or Yamaha apx 500 iii?

Peter Star says:

Don’t ever buy Martin guitar

The Joker says:

A really amazing guitar is the Simon&Patrick Luthier SongSmith Folk they are hand made in Canada and they sound and feel amazing

Mr Strong says:

Blueridge Guitars are worth a mention. 000 size are are better smaller body for beginners as well

everyday'80sdude says:

Do you have any left-handed acoustic guitars?

Guitarman says:

you make me sleepy

PeteC2008 says:

Lol… I have to buy one for my 8yr old son… I wish this was called 10 Best 3/4 sized acoustic guitars for beginners 2017!! Great vid though, very informative and has given me a few things I should maybe be looking for when I take him. Cheers.

Taocat says:

I’m going to completely disagree with every choice you have made for one reason: Price. If you are a beginner, you can get a good solid top for around $150….full dreadnought with solid top. There are also cheaper guitars that are good for beginners, but not quite as well built. It’s much better to not invest a ton of money to see if you are even going to stick with it. Once tone becomes important to you, then invest in guitars with more quality. Until then, don’t waste the money.

thorn35 says:

Jasmine by Takamine make killer guitars, their S 34c is awesome, its made out of nato, the asian version of mahogany. Its a cutaway and looks like a 1000 dollar guitar, sounds fantastic and is only 100 bucks. When i learned in 83 i had a 40 dollar sears hunk of junk, the jasmine is worlds better and easier to play and looks fantastic.

Hammerin' Hank says:

Taylor BigBaby is the guitar I’d recommend for beginners. Player friendly neck, great tuners, great action, and sounds great too.

Felix Hackenberg says:

THE best acoustic guitar for beginners is the solid-topped Alvarez AF30. For $250 street, it can’t be beat. I play mine constantly even though I have several $3000 to $5000 acoustics.

Firman Syah says:

Good guitar sound brand of “GENTA” Indonesia production

Dexter Dexz says:

I think Taylor A10e is better than Taylor 114e..

Nipun Das says:


Easy E says:

RGV!! Go Mustangs Go!!

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