Here is my review of the Taylor 314ce acoustic guitar, after owning it for 5 years. I posted a video picking up my new guitar, and have gotten questions lately about how I like playing this guitar after 5 years. In this video, I share what I like about the Taylor 314, and show you how it sounds now.

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First song played on my Taylor 314ce: https://youtu.be/KjSkHsyBz2g

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AugustGUKAI says:


山ノ藤権蔵 says:

I will send you a message from Japan watching your youtube videos.
I will be the owner of 314ce in a couple of days.
I’m very excited right now.
I am learning finger picking style.
I am practicing thinking Tommy Emmanuel as a teacher.
I’ve decided to see various guitars and listen to the tone and feel that 314 ce is the best choice for me. (Because it is expensive, I needed a lot of courage to decide to purchase … (^^ ♪)
It was your video that I finally decided to purchase.
I think that was because of your smile. ♪
That’s why I say thank you.



Mr Opus says:

Excellent video and your guitar sounds amazing, very beautiful. I play in a band and have both an electric and acoustic version of the band. I currently play a takamine guitar but I have recently been looking at the Taylor 314 CE. After seeing your video I think you have convinced me that’s the way to go. Thank you for posting this.

Faisal Malallah says:

Thank you Lydia… I was in the guitar shop yesterday trying different Taylors and the 314CE surely attracted me. I was really trying to think whether or not the 314CE would be worth the investment. But you I think you sold it to me. Going to get it today hopefully

Justin M. says:

Probably gonna try for the K24CE V-Class lol (if not, the 814CE DLX) but your guitar is *really* good as well tbh; good review video 🙂

Eduard says:


Chris Elswick says:

I started looking for a professional quality guitar a few years ago and my search brought me to the Taylor 314ce. I’ve had mine for 4 years and I really like it a lot. I’ve since gotten a couple of other guitars (Martins) but if you can only have one guitar, you can’t go wrong with the 314ce. It’s an instrument that could keep anyone happy for a lifetime. You could play on any stage, any studio, anywhere and know you’ve got a great instrument in your hands.

Raymond Ruigomez says:

Hello Lydia, great video, currently I have a Taylor 214CE, and I like it a lot!, I was planning to buy a 314Ce or 414Ce, as you say, the best way to pick a guitar, is play them before, can you tell me your opinon about these two guitars? I know they sound different due to the wood they are made. thank you!

Zach Walsh says:

Hi Lydia. I really enjoyed your video. I am looking at buying a Taylor 314ce. I am also considering the 414ce as well. I have been playing for about 8 years and just play for fun. I would like to do some open mic nights around the city at some point but I am not buying a new guitar for the purpose of playing gigs, making money, etc. I’m just ready to buy a great guitar that I love playing. I am pretty sure I’m going with the 314, but is there any reason to go with the 414 instead? Thanks!

Kevys Rc & Music says:

great review i used to have the same one but it had to go but thats how life goes sometimes maybe one day ill get another one

黃振發 says:


zr foreversing says:

Im planning to buy a Taylor Guitar but I dont know yet which series should I buy, 214 or 314. And I like 314 more (of course!) after I watch your video! (even I have to pay a lot more for it too! Thanks!

Samuel Gonzalez says:

Hi Lydia I have Taylor 214 ce deluxe . What are u think about this . Let me know… U guitar is beautiful. Thanks.

Charles LiConti says:

Just got one i love it. had plenty of others this is the one

Mr Opus says:

Lydia, how does your Taylor sound when plugged in? Does it still sound full and rich? Thanks, Clay

Sean Armao says:

Can’t decide between this, the 414ce-r, or the 224ce-Koa. I am a newer player and had the GS mini KOA which I looooved. But my fingers are a little wider and it was harder to fret with the smaller scale. Wish they made that GS mini Koa with a normal scale length 🙁

Rog Michael says:

Hi Lydia, Have you ever tried the Taylor 316 if so any thoughts compared to the 314? Thanks!

Sambo Elguapo says:

Thats a beautiful sounding guitar for sure. I have a taylor 214ce but its a bit shiney to be honest but the 314 seems to be a far better strummer from the sounds of it.

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